Friday, October 21, 2016



The motto ~Each disease is as distinctive as the patient’s own fingerprint.  There is no preordained method to treating an illness.  Each and every protocol must be designed exclusively for the patient who is being treated.  This week I am visiting a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico to experience and learn the different types of treatments.  I have been overwhelmed with love and knowledge.  Meeting the administrator; Jenni who also had cancer and overcome it with functional medicine was amazing.  She has a kind heart, understanding and compassion and herself was once a patient. 

Dan and I have been experiencing the treatments by having boosters of supplements to build up our immune system as well as meeting with other patients being treated with all types of illnesses from back issues to cancer.  I have learned so much by speaking with them who are from all corners of the world and listening to how they ended up at the facility.

I have found out that in choosing a place for treatment, it’s not just the treatment itself but the team of professionals that create the care.  From the doctors to the assistants, nurses, drivers, therapist, chefs this is who makes your stay a successful one.  I can truly say that I can recommend this facility highly.

The key factors that this facility offers ~

1.     You room in a condo right on the beach, your own apartment all stocked with a refrigerator of organic foods along with organic supplies.

2.     Breakfast and lunch offered at the facility.

3.     A driver to take you from the condo to the facility and bring you back every day.

4.     A loving staff that cares about your needs.

5.     Treatments of functional medicine see

I am proud to associate with such a passionate team.   In a post to come I will show pictures and also post information and other events during my stay here.

This morning Dan and I woke up to the surf sounds of the water coming up on the beach and the sun rising. 

Until tomorrow have a fabulous day.

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