Monday, February 27, 2012

Courage is standing face to face

Good day, I am writing this for I am real concerned with where our country is heading. At an early age I saw what cancer can do. My father died from lung and brain cancer in the 70's. As time went on I have seen what it has done to other families and do not want to see this happen any more. I have been blessed to share my knowledge and open eyes to what our government is doing to us. WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. We need to educate that we have choices and it is not what it is?

I decided to not go the conventional way for the percentages were low with these treatments and many faced a sickly death. My husband did a lot of research on what other countries were doing and this landed us in Mexico. I went to a facility where they did Functional Medicine. I was treated with breast cancer, stage 2 and it was an aggressive type. My doctors; Dr Perez and Dr Garcia not only treated me but taught me that it is not something that is taken care of and not addressed later. Cancer is something that we can change with the lifestyle we choose.

I am on a home program and striving to continue to keep my immune system strong with eating organic foods and making sure that I stay away from chemicals. I feel very humble that through the love and passion of my doctors at home and afar, I have conquered and managed cancer. As of December which was the last Ct Scan; the film did not show any cancer.

Please read my blog, it shows my day to day journey of my treatments and the after effects. My goal is to make these treatments FDA approved, because they do work.

You do not need to have surgery, chemo nor radiation.


The concept for Hyperthermia perfusion is to warm up the patients blood slowly and the increased temperature will help kill the cancer cells. This will be like having a mild fever.

This procedure is continued for anywhere from one hour to two hours. This depends on the patient’s homodynamic stability and blood gas results. The flow is a very low flow, around 30 to 80 ml/min. A high flow is not necessary, just as long as it is continuous. A linear flow is better. This is done by providing a constant low flow at a warm temperature. The patient is awake and this enables the perfusionist and the doctor, who are both present the entire procedure; to monitor the patient closely.

The console that provides the temperature and flow is regulated by perimeters dialed in. The patient has a monitor which reveals the: EKG, respiratory rate, arterial saturation and the blood pressure. ACT’s are run the length of the case to insure proper anticoagulation, so no clots form in the software.

The patient will experience no discomfort. The patient can sit up, read, talk with us, work on the computer or the I pad, watch television, drink beverages, or converse with family in the patient’s room. Most patients will feel warm and perspire. The color is great and they feel good. The ACT is allowed to become normal before the patient leaves the room.

The Hyperthermia procedure allows the CANCER cell membrane to become warm and enhances the treatments that are to be given. The temperature increases also burns the CANCER cells because they cannot survive in this temperature of 42-43 degrees.

The results seen are very good. There are no chemo medications in this Hyperthermia procedure. It is warming the patients blood with a small amount of Heparin (*5,000 units) in the priming volume. Therefore, the patients experience only the warmth running through their entire body.

The Dendritic Cell (my own cells)

The Dendritic Cell is a newly emerging and potent form of immune therapy used to treat cancer conditions. In case of cancer, Dendritic Cell therapy is an immune therapy which harnesses the body's own immune system to fight cancer. The Dendritic Cell itself is an immune cell whose role is the recognition, processing and presentation of foreign antigens to the T-cells in the effecter arm of the immune system. Although Dendritic Cells are potent cells, they are not usually present in adequate quantity to allow for a potent immune response. Dendritic Cell Therapy thus involves the harvesting of blood cells (ie monocytes or macrophages) from a patient and processing them in the laboratory to produce Dendritic Cells which are then given back to a patient in order to allow massive dendritic participation in optimally activating the immune system.

Why do we have to kill our good cells and damage our bodies, when we can fight back with heat and oxygen; which cancer can not live in? Why we are not told that sugar and wheat feeds on cancer? I always felt that if they put items on the shelves of the supermarket that it was alright, but after I was educated on this topic, I realize they do not care about us. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…

Courage is standing face to face with fear... and smiling at it!

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By Sheryl Malin


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Please leave a comment of how you feel about FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE? 

Would you go away to another country for cancer treatments if they offer a better way other then surgery, chemo and radiation?

Let me know, I am interested in your feedback.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

One woman's natural therapy journey for cancer treatment

Written by Heather VanNest
One of the hardest decisions a cancer patient has to make is deciding which treatment is best. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are considered standard treatments.54 year-old, Sherry Malin, from Palm Harbor wanted to share her story with 10 News viewers to let others know some cancer patients are choosing not to follow conventional treatments.
She went against her doctor's wishes to try an alternative treatment in Mexico.
"I've always said I would not go for chemotherapy because I have seen too much of it."
A mammogram and biopsy in Tampa confirmed stage two breast cancer in her right breast last year. Sherry made the tough decision to go against her doctor's wishes to try what many conventional doctors consider to be controversial, nutrition based, experimental treatments offered at a hospital in Mexico.

She told 10 News Anchor Heather Van Nest it was not scary for her to go against what conventional doctors recommended because she saw too many people go through chemotherapy treatment. Her father, sister and brother all died before the age of 40. She also watched her husband's mother die.
Sherry decided she did not want to go through all of that and she says, if she didn't make it, she wanted to do it on her terms and be able to do what she could during that period of time.
She says cancer was a wake-up call to take better care of herself.

Her treatment plan includes taking dozens of vitamins each day, eating fresh foods and no longer sweating the small stuff.

"I learned to handle stress. Stress has a lot to do with it so nothing bothers me. You don't worry about things.Yes, so if things fall a part... oh well... life goes on I'm still alive."

Sherry found growing her own organic garden in her backyard and choosing to eat fresh foods everyday gave her some control back in her life.

Sherry shares her journey on her blog and says this is a personal decision. She says quality of life is most important to her.

The nutrition based therapy she had for 3 weeks in Mexico is not covered by insurance and her vitamins/supplements add to the monthly out-of-pocket costs.

Sherry follows up with her doctor here in Tampa. Dr. Peter Walton says he is amazed at how well she is doing considering she did not have surgery or chemotherapy. Her latest CT scan shows no cancer in her chest region.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Find out which foods to avoid during chemo, which foods to eat durning chemo and how certain supplements can ease chemo side effects.

This article is for those who choose to take chemotherapy.
Written by
Heather VanNest

As a journalist, I am fortunate to interview a variety of people on CBS/10Connects News and also on my web page: Heather's Natural Health.

I personally know the healing power of eating fresh, simple foods and avoiding processed sugary foods -- I made the change 10 years ago and feel so much better -- I can't go back!

When my dad was recently diagnosed with inoperable mesothelioma, I searched all around the country for a realistic, comprehensive treatment plan that included an integrative approach to cancer care. While the major cancer centers we visited all recommended he try chemotherapy, they couldn't offer any nutrition advice. So I kept searching...

"Integrative oncologist" may seem like an oxymoron, but they really do exist!
I also needed to find someone who could be realistic. My dad would never juice 80 carrots a day, but he would be willing to improve his diet while undergoing chemotherapy, something he wanted to do.
I recently interviewed Rebecca Katz, author of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen.

Rebecca, along with Dr. Andrew Weil and others, all recommended the same person, Dr. Keith Block at the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Illinois and author of Life Over Cancer.
I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Block and ask him if eating fresh, whole foods really makes a difference in the fight against cancer. He says the simple answer is yes. Everything you eat or drink changes the chemistry of your blood.

 For nearly three decades, Dr. Block and his research staff have studied how diet and lifestyle changes (two things patients can control) can slow cancers, ease chemotherapy side effects, improve quality of life and give survivors an edge.

Dr. Block has noticed that nutrition has a profound effect. Patients who take control of their daily choices are in better shape to fight cancer and respond better to treatment.

Dr. Block advises his patients eat more:
  • Egg whites
  • Legumes (lentil beans, check peas)
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Good fats (olive oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil)
  • Cold water fish (wild salmon)
  • Whole grains
  • Cruciferious vegetables (broccoli, cabbage)
  • Berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries)
  • Green tea
Dr. Block advises his patients avoid:
  • Dairy products (promotes inflammation and mucus production)
  • Red meat (iron supports cancer cells and too high in bad fats)
  • Processed sugary foods (promotes inflammation and fuels cancer)
  • Bad fats (trans fats, saturated fats in processed baked goods)
Dr. Block says sugar can give cancer the upper hand.

He sites studies that suggest breast cancer patients who add exercise and cut out processed sugar are able to keep their insulin levels under control and cut their risk of recurrence in half and decrease cancer death by two-thirds.

He adds,"Cancer cells are glucose guzzlers. Think about this, the way a Petscan works is by introducing glucose into a patient to see the cancer cells that would divide more rapidly because of the glucose. There are many studies that show in various cancers that show as you increase blood sugar levels, you speed up growth of cancer. In fact the survival, response to treatment the outcomes are all clearly associated with the ability to maintain or lose control of sugar levels and its impact on insulin."

Dr. Block has also noticed patients who eat nutritious foods and take certain supplements during chemotherapy ease side effects.

Dr. Block advises his patients try these things before chemotherapy:
  • Take two 500 mg capsules of ginger root 15 minutes beforehand
  • Exercise for 15 minutes an hour before treatment (walk, ride bike)
  • Check vitamin D levels in advance (simple blood test)
  • Take fish oil (anti-inflammatory)
  • Take curcumin (anti-inflammatory)
  • Sit outside in morning sun for 15 minutes
Dr. Block has his patients mix powdered glutamine in water before, during and after chemotherapy to prevent mouth sores and neuropathy--tingling of the hands and feet.

Dr. Block says,"What we have our patients do is take 10-20 grams of glutamine in a bottle of water and have them sip it during chemotherapy. It will help prevent mouth sores. It will boost immune function and it will protect from some of the nerve damage that can occur from chemotherapy."

Heather Van Nest

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Is the science and art of gardening by incorporating the entire landscape design and environment to improve and maximize the garden soil's health, structure, texture, as well as maximize the production and health of developing plants without using synthethic commercial fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides."

When gardening you do not have to have a large area nor does it have to be outside. For the past year I have grown a small organic garden in my back porch. Although it is not huge I have managed to grow and eat some of the vegetables. Organic foods helped to heal me from cancer.


The word nature refers to various energies and matters. Nature may refer to the general realm of living plants and animals, and in some cases to the processes associated with unanimated objects the way that particular types of things exist and change of their own accord, such as the weather and geology of the earth.



Nature comes alive when the wind speaks to the trees with a whisper of peace.

Through this sound we relate to the living plants and animals of nature to give birth to happiness.

We stand by with the echoing of our souls with a smile and give thanks to all the art of color around us.

Imagine the conversation that surrounds us and touch the thought of beauty that is in front of us.

Nature is Gods gift to us and it gives us a since of joy and calmness.

We create the relationship of friendship through nature and understand the ways it fits in to our planet during the changes it takes place.

Through your imagination, meditate the beauty of the nature of colors around.

Through nature I was healed