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The Politics of Cancer

By R. Webster Kehr,Chairman, Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Introduction to the Politics of CancerEvery year hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer. To almost all of these people, the diagnosis of cancer is considered to be a guarantee of massive amounts of pain followed by almost certain death.

But such a diagnosis does not have to lead to any pain or even death. Some people, when they are diagnosed with cancer, have no fear of cancer and only consider cancer to be a minor nuisance!!

Why is it that some people greatly fear cancer and others consider cancer to be only a minor nuisance? The answer is information. Some people have good information about cancer and others have intentionally bad information about cancer and cancer treatments.

How can you tell whether you have good information or bad information? Consider the source of the information and study the claims. There is almost always an inverse relationship between money and truth. In other words, the more money an organization has, the less likely you will get any truth out of that organization, in almost all cases.

For example, the mass media receives many billions of dollars every year from the pharmaceutical industry in advertising revenues. Anyone who has not been living in a cave all their life knows that the media are very loyal to their major advertisers.

Both the media and the pharmaceutical industry are worth massive billions of dollars. Can you expect any truth from either industry?

Both groups are interested in money and the media is more than willing to increase their fortunes by "jumping in bed" with Big Pharma. Thus, while you may think that everything you know about cancer comes from the media, in fact, everything you hear from the media about cancer actually comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

For example, the mass media tells everyone that there is no cure for cancer. The mass media also tells everyone that cancer is so complex that it will take many decades to find a cure for cancer.

Big Pharma supposedly has been "looking" for a cure for cancer for more than 100 years. But for some strange reason they act like it will be another hundred years before a cure is found. During these 200 years (actually it is a "carrot and stick" trick and there will never be a general cure for cancer from Big Pharma) both Big Pharma and Big Medicine will rake in many trillions of dollars!!!

The claims of Big Pharma are nonsense. These are not the claims of people who are experts in cancer, these claims come from businessmen who are only interested in money. The media is nothing but a mouthpiece for Big Pharma because it is more profitable to sell your soul than to tell the truth and help people!!!

Also, you probably think that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is diligently seeking your best interests. Did it ever occur to you that what you hear about the FDA comes from the media. Because everything you hear from the media comes from the pharmaceutical industry, you can rest assured everything you hear about the FDA also comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry loves the FDA because in 1910 Congress assigned the FDA to be the police force of Big Pharma. Actually, the FDA is more like a mafia than a police force. But you will never hear anything bad about the FDA or the pharmaceutical industry in the media.

The prime purpose of the FDA is to shut down competitors of Big Pharma. But the media tells you that the prime purpose of the FDA is to shut down scam artists. Yes, there are scam artists among the competitors of Big Pharma, but there are also people who know how to cure cancer who are also shut down by the FDA!!

In other words, the FDA does not care whether someone knows how to cure cancer, the FDA shuts down everyone who cuts into the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, even if they know how to cure cancer.

Congress, the media, the FDA and Big Pharma (and many, many others) are in the same bed. The media is telling everyone that both the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA are watching out for your health. Hogwash. What they are doing is looking out for their profits. When a top executive of the FDA retires it is almost certain they will soon be millionaires working for a company who works for Big Pharma.

The Two WorldsThe fact is that cancer is easy to cure, especially for newly diagnosed cancer patients. The concept that there is no cure for cancer and that a cure for cancer is decades away are both totally false and are driven by the lust for money of the pharmaceutical industry and their friends.

There are, in fact, two totally different worlds of information. These two different worlds of information might as well be on different planets because there is zero overlap in information between the two worlds. One world of information is owned and controlled by Big Business. The other world of information is controlled by people who are outside of Big Business and who care about other people.

In one world, cancer is easy to cure. In the other world, cancer is impossible to cure and it will be many decades before there is even a partial cure for cancer. In this world, everyone is told that cancer is a chronic disease because there is no cure.

The media, Congress and the FDA (and the American Cancer Society, which is controlled by oncologists, and almost all other non-profit "cancer research" organizations which are in bed with some organization in Big Pharma or Big Medicine) are all on the world of the pharmaceutical industry. It is a fantasy world which was created by the media. The Savior of the world would refer to their world as a "whited sepulcher" (see Matthew 23:27-33)."

People have been so brainwashed by the world which includes Congress and the media that when they hear something from the second world they don't believe a word of it.

Here is a famous quote about brainwashing the reader should read 10 times and memorize, because it is the essence of what brainwashing is all about. The quote is a reference to the brainwashing in World War II:

•"No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance."Alan Bullock, Hitler and Stalin: Parallel LivesThe purpose of brainwashing is not to convince people; it is to make them into mindless and obedient sheep. Once they are mindless and obedient sheep the slightest indication that someone is thinking "outside the box" immediately brings a massive retaliation either in the form of violence or ridicule.

The "uniform pattern of public utterance" is exactly what our media today has achieved with regards to cancer and all other diseases. Whenever I tell someone I know how to cure cancer, as fast as possible they retreat away from me as if I had some deadly, contagious disease. The "uniform pattern" is working well for Big Media.

It gets worse. In fact, there is a strange paradox in medicine. If you do not fully understand the concept of brainwashing and the concept of this paradox, you will almost certainly die from your cancer!!!

The Deadly Paradox in MedicineThe typical cancer patient who uses orthodox cancer treatments will spend about $350,000 for their treatment and will die. Orthodox cancer treatments are very, very profitable to medical doctors, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, the "health" insurance companies, the politicians (e.g. government agencies), the media, etc.

In other words, the corporations and individuals who are leading orthodox medicine are extremely wealthy. They have more money than most people can even dream about having.

Orthodox cancer treatments are designed to make a cancer patient a "long term profit center," meaning cancer treatments are designed not to treat cancer, but to turn cancer into yet another "chronic disease." Their goal is to turn every cancer patient into a lifelong user of chemotherapy.

But the key entity which makes massive amounts of money on cancer patients is the pharmaceutical industry. It is this industry which uses their money to "buy" the favors of the media and many, many other entities. The most important use of this money is to gain the favors of the media (to control information in the media) and to gain the favors of the government agencies (which suppress information outside of the media and harass or arrest those who know how to cure disease). The FDA, like most government agencies, is nothing but the police force of a corporate cartel (i.e. the large pharmaceutical companies - Big Pharma). The FDA is the way Congress pays Big Pharma for their bribes - a free police force paid for by the taxpayers.

Patients who make cancer treatment decisions do so on the basis of what they have heard (or not heard) in the mass media. It is the mass media which controls, directly and indirectly, the information people use to choose between orthodox cancer treatments or alternative cancer treatments.

The primary reason, by a wide margin, that the media glorifies ineffective orthodox cancer treatments is because of a paradox in medicine. This paradox is a direct result of two key facts.

Fact #1: Cancer is a trillion dollar disease to modern medicine because there is a great deal of money in treating cancer as a chronic disease while they pretend there are no cures for cancer and they pretend to be looking for a cure for cancer.

Therefore, those people who have no interest in curing cancer, because curing cancer would cut into their profits, have many, many, many billions of dollars to control the White House (e.g. the FDA, FTC, FCC, etc. appointments), Congress, buy the loyalty of the mass media, etc. etc. For example, any presidential candidate who is not acceptable to the corporate cartels is effectively blacklisted by the media to insure they are not elected (the media itself is a giant cartel which has its own police force - the FCC).

Fact #2: There is very little money in curing cancer with alternative cancer treatments, and there is even less money in telling people how to cure their cancer at home. Thus, there are very few people who know how to cure cancer and most of them make very little money curing cancer, thus this group has a pathetically small amount of money compared to how much money Big Medicine and Big Pharma have!!

While all of this is interesting, the deadly paradox in medicine results from these two facts.

The Deadly Paradox in Medicine: Because the media are whores who sell-out to the highest bidder; the information that is heard by the general public is totally controlled by the people with the most money and the people with the most money have the most money because they have the least concern for human life. Thus, all of the information you hear about cancer comes from those who love your money but have absolutely no concern for your life!!

If you do not clearly understand this paradox you will have almost no chance of surviving your cancer because you will continue to believe what you hear in the media and you will continue to use orthodox cancer treatments!! Understanding this paradox is the first step in the healing process and has been the first step for many decades.

This paradox is why, when you watch television, you see medical doctor shows (by deifying medical doctors they are glorifying drugs), hospital shows, pharmaceutical ads, etc. every time you turn on your television. That is why the vast majority of people have no clue that alternative cancer treatments are far superior to orthodox cancer treatments.

In a nutshell, everything you hear from the media and our government is the result of a bidding process and Big Pharma and Big Medicine can outbid alternative medicine by a factor of about a million to one because they have zero concern for YOUR LIFE!!!

What is the significance of this paradox? The significance is that cancer will always be a chronic disease and there will never be any new cures for cancer found (by orthodox medicine) because it would cut into their vast fortunes to actually cure cancer.

The money received by pretending there is no cure for cancer is why the oncologist-controlled American Cancer Society has a billion dollars of funds to convince people to send them money so they can divert money from people who know how to cure cancer and who are looking for even more effective cures for cancer.

That is why organizations like the American Cancer Society count their contributions in the hundreds of millions of dollars and why organizations like the ICRF count their contributions in the hundreds of dollars.

One of the things we want to do at the ICRF is have staff to answer emails of cancer patients to give them suggestions on which alternative cancer treatment is best for their situation. But the ICRF does not even have enough money to hire a single part-time staff member to answer emails.

Don't ever forget there is very little money in curing cancer and thus the media will never say anything good about effective alternative cancer treatments. If you don't understand this paradox it could cost you your life or the life of a loved one!!

The deadly paradox is real and actually applies to many diseases for which there are already cures.


The tag lines for feminine protection products would have you believe that they are a woman’s best friend: “We always have you covered. Make it easy to stay fresh. For girls who don’t just go with the flow”. Pretty catchy lines, but the sad truth is that these products harbor a very dark side that millions of innocent women do not think twice about.
The average North American woman uses over 11,000 tampons or pads. In the US alone, there are over 85 million women of menstruating age, and according to the National Women’s Health Network, they contribute approximately twelve billion pads and 7 million tampons to landfill each year. That is a huge environmental problem.

Feminine protection products are an extremely toxic source of chemicals. Whether you apply these products internally (tampons) or externally (protective pads) you are subjecting your reproductive organs as well as the rest of your body to an onslaught of chemicals.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and anything that you place on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream.
Here are some of the chemicals that are lurking in your feminine protection:
1.)       Rayon, which is derived from bleached wood pulp
2.)      Viscose and “fluff” pulp which are used as fillers and to give the products a “cotton” feel. But these fillers      break apart and can leave fibers in your vaginal tract. This is a breeding ground for infection.
3.)    Chlorine bleach and dioxin, which is a byproduct of paper bleaching.  Dioxins accumulate in the fatty tissue of the body and pose a threat to human health.
The EPA labels dioxins as a carcinogen.
4.)    Dioxins affect the Nerve System, cause thyroid disorders, damage the Immune System and have been shown to cause endometriosis.
5.)    Phthalates which are a form of plastic used in tampon applicators.
So what’s a girl to do? I can personally say that way back in my “hippie Chiropractic College days” I used a vaginal sponge, not something I would recommend to the modern woman.  Embarassed  Fortunately, there are now many resources for organic and natural pads and tampons that don’t leave behind a toxic burden on your body.  
Essential # 2 for Healing and Preventing Breast Cancer is “Reduce Your Toxic Exposure”. If you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer or if you are wanting to be proactive with prevention, I would seriously think twice about using typical pads and tampons. Eliminating another toxic burden will bring you one step closer to vibrant health.

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Homemade Natural Deodorant: Recipes That Work


Aluminum-Free Deodorant That Doesn't Stink

Aside from finding a natural hair care regimen, searching for a chemical-free, aluminum-free deodorant that actually works has been one of the hardest parts of going green and clearing the toxic products from my bathroom cupboards.

Not that I personally mind being called a hippie, but the choice between stinky pits and the risks that come with rolling toxins onto our skin daily was becoming a major dilemma in our household. My husband works hard all day and would douse himself with those awful aerosol cans filled with toxic manly named perfumes if I'd let him. My teenage daughter agreed to toss her favorite scented stick, but not without a struggle and quite a bit of regret.

Luckily, I finally found a natural deodorant that actually works!

Yep, I finally found an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works and the whole family loves! The best part is that it's as budget-friendly as it is healthy. (If you've ever ventured into the personal care aisle of a health food store, you probably know how expensive it can be to go green.)

Learn how to make your own homemade deodorant right here! The recipe is easy to make and only requires three simple ingredients, so you're only minutes away from having your own batch of pit putty that can be personalized with your favorite scented essential oils.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Aluminum-free deodorant that actually works!

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Consumers Will Soon Have Devices in Their Hands to Detect GMOs and Toxic Foods


Consumers Will Soon Have Devices in Their Hands to Detect GMOs and Toxic Foods

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods
Sheesh! I saw this on Mike Adams’  “Natural News” yesterday, put it on FB and forgot the blog…
Is this awesome or what?! And we’ll sure need it as we don’t know how long it will take to get GMOs out of the food chain. It could be fast, or it could take awhile.
It will be like having a personal “tricorder” for food.   ;0)
I have a feeling that when the device first becomes available that for some of us our shopping trips will be very low-yield until our food supplies become purified and we locate better sources for food.
May 26, 2013
Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods
In the not too distant future, consumers will be able to run on-the-spot tests for environmental toxins, GMOs, pesticides, food safety and more with their smartphones and other hand-held devices.
Every human being on every developed nation on Earth, whether living in a rural or isolated area, in the middle of a large city, or near an industrialized area, now contains at least 700 contaminants in their body including pesticides, pthalates, benzenes, parabens, xylenes and many other carcinogenic and endrocrine disrupting chemicals.

We are being bombarded on a daily basis by an astronomical level of toxicity, all controlled by chemical terrorists on behalf of the food industry. Morever, many of these toxins affect our fertility and those of successive generations.

It’s time for people to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and technology is coming to the rescue. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers have developed a cradle and app that uses a phone’s built-in camera and processing power as a biosensor to detect toxins, proteins, bacteria, viruses and other molecules.

“We’re interested in biodetection that needs to be performed outside of the laboratory,” said team leader Brian Cunningham, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and of bioengineering at Illinois. “Smartphones are making a big impact on our society — the way we get our information, the way we communicate. And they have really powerful computing capability and imaging. A lot of medical conditions might be monitored very inexpensively and non-invasively using mobile platforms like phones. They can detect molecular things, like pathogens, disease biomarkers or DNA, things that are currently only done in big diagnostic labs with lots of expense and large volumes of blood.”

“Modern biological research is also allowing an extension of laboratory devices on to small computer chips to detect biological information within DNA sequences,” said biotech specialist Dr. Marek Banaszewski. “Bioinformatic algorithms within programs will aid the identification of transgenes, promoters, and other functional elements of DNA, making detection of genetically modified foods on-the-spot and real-time without transportation to a laboratory.”

The wedge-shaped cradle created by Cunningham’s team contains a series of optical components — lenses and filters — found in much larger and more expensive laboratory devices. The cradle holds the phone’s camera in alignment with the optical components.

At the heart of the biosensor is a photonic crystal. A photonic crystal is like a mirror that only reflects one wavelength of light while the rest of the spectrum passes through. When anything biological attaches to the photonic crystal — such as protein, cells, pathogens or DNA — the reflected color will shift from a shorter wavelength to a longer wavelength.

The entire test takes only a few minutes; the app walks the user through the process step by step. Although the cradle holds only about $200 of optical components, it performs as accurately as a large $50,000 spectrophotometer in the laboratory. So now, the device is not only portable, but also affordable for fieldwork in developing nations.

In a paper published in the journal Lab on a Chip, the team demonstrated sensing of an immune system protein, but the slide could be primed for any type of biological molecule or cell type. The researchers are working to improve the manufacturing process for the iPhone cradle and are working on a cradle for Android phones as well. They hope to begin making the cradles available next year.
In addition, Cunningham’s team is working on biosensing tests that could be performed in the field to detect toxins in harvested corn and soybeans, and to detect pathogens in food and water.
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Regensburg have also engineered an ingenius solution to detecting toxins – a glove that recognizes if toxic substances are present in the surrounding air.

The protective glove is equipped with custom-made sensor materials and indicates the presence of toxic substances by changing colors. In this regard, the scientists adapted the materials to the corresponding analytes, and thus, the application. The color change — from colorless (no toxic substance) to blue (toxic substance detected). The researchers also envision other potential

Other handheld devices currently in development are portable chemiluminescence detectors, but based on enzyme-catalyzed reactions emitting light. The detection devices for nucleic acids, biotin associated with the target DNA provides the handle for the chemiluminescent detection. The non-radioactive DNA detection chemistry will be able to readily identify single-copy genes in transgenic plants making them suitable for GMO detection.

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary

The Crazy Amount Of Sugar Hiding In Random Foods

How much sugar is really in your food? Sure there's a lot of sugar in Coke, but baked beans?? Also, "healthy" cereal has more sugar than Fruit Loops.

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Last night there was another wedding reception of 120 people on the grounds of Hotel Perico. Dan and I were invited and of course we could not refuse. The night was perfect for an outside event. The breeze flowed through the curtains that each gazebo had placed around them. It was very elegant all white, fit for a princess. The couple lived in Canada before coming back to where they were raised, so the music was very modern, most I had heard in America. The dance floor was laid down with lights blinking throughout it and a tall screen with videos that looked like MTV.

The groom said to us to eat, drink, dance, enjoy and become part of the celebration like everyone else. Of course Dan and I brought are own drinks. At the local liquor store we found some organic wine and the other day I made homemade salsa with big red ripe organic tomatoes. I must say it turned out awesome. So we brought some of it along with organic chips. As everyone started to eat, Dan and I took out our food we brought and joined in.

After the dinner was over the music and the light show began. The other long term residents of Perico were also invited and we had our very own table. Myself and a couple of girls that also stay there all decided to go up and dance along with the bride and groom. I have made a movie of all the pictures that I took and the fun that Dan and I had with our friends that we met.

Of course the party continued through the early morning, Dan and I turned in around mid-night. I have been adventuring out and have run across wonderful people from all over. The people are so warm here and share their stories with us. I fell in love with this area and it has become my little paradise.



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The day started out where we went to Chapala to get our finger prints done for our two year resident visa. As usual we were driven down to the immigration building where we were going to meet our representative, and as we met up with her; she of course did not have our paperwork. Tom from Hotel Perico took us to get the paperwork and back to square one. Finally it was Dan and my turn to do our finger prints. It was messy, all our finger tips were covered in black ink but then it was finally over and we went on to better things!!

As we took a stroll into the town of Chapala to the meat market, I of course brought my camera and took pictures of the breath taking areas. There was a boardwalk that Dan and I started to walk along until we got to the pier and then took another direction to the meat market.

After getting our steaks that were grass feed for an amazing amount of just $2.55 American dollars we were off to the dentist. Two days ago one of my fillings fell out and I had to get something done to save the tooth. We took a cab to Wal-Mart were I went into to get tooth paste and a brush so when we got to the dentist I could clean my teeth before he began.

We just made it in time and checked in at the front office, where there was paper work to be filled out. To make a long story short, the dentist advised me in broken English that I would need a crown. At that time I stated that I would need to ask my husband for he has the money…. The dentist laughed and left to get him. After consulting we agreed to start to prepare for the crown. It will only cost $425.00 for total cost. We were surprised for the same procedure in the states was over $3,000.00.

Onward and upward we made another appointment and walked back to Wal-Mart to catch another cab home. I rested up for awhile and then started dinner. We were going to have steak ~ Yummy. It’s now dinner time so until next time, have a great week and enjoy the pictures that were taken