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In Mexico, April 30 is Children's Day: el Dia del Niño

In Mexico, April 30 is Children's Day: el Dia del Niño

Today at where we are living they are celebrating Kids Day. There is lots of music and fun at Hotel Perico. I could not help but go down and watch the kids have fun on some blow up games. It’s a big celebration and everyone takes pleasure in participating in this event. Check out some of the video I took along with pictures to capture how much fun the day brought.

Written by Sergio Wheeler explaining what Kids Day is all about in Mexico.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are widely celebrated throughout the world. But Mexico is such an inclusive culture. Children's Day is always filled with activities, and children look forward to a holiday all their own with fun, gifts and special events.

Many schools celebrate the day before and parents are invited. Of course, there are usually no classes on Children's Day itself, April 30, even though it is not an official holiday in the school calendar.

On Children's Day, the main focus is on the children and making them feel special. In shopping malls all over Mexico, special events with clowns, magicians, music, shows and balloons take place. Amusement parks as well as zoos and children's museums usually offer discounts or special deals for children on this day. Water parks are a popular option for spending the day, taking advantage of April's warm weather. Lines for the water slides can be quite long, but the reward of a refreshing splash in a swimming pool waiting at the end are truly worth the wait.

Large movements are organized by different civil associations that collect toy donations from citizens. On Children's Day, they give them out to orphans and needy children as a way of literally "making their day." Toys related to war or that require batteries to operate are generally not accepted.

It is a festivity that is quite unique, full of laughter and play, when adults are reminded of the importance of childhood and children teach us how joyful and simple life can be.

Nowadays, the gifts children of the middle and upper classes ask for are very different than when I was a child though. I would ask for sport equipment, helicopters, and simple toys that were fun and involved playing outdoors. Today, children seem to be more inclined for Blackberries, iPods and video games, as technology has become an important part of contemporary lifestyles.

If you want to be a part of this celebration, why not buy individual packets of cookies to carry in your handbag or glovebox and give out to street kids in Mexico? Dollar store toys can also be affordable gifts.

Family is supremely important in Mexico, with Grandparent's Day on August 28th, Family Day on the first Sunday in March, and even a day for brothers and sisters. Of course, people come first, and there are also days dedicated to professions, like the Day of the Doctor, Day of the Teacher and Day of the Secretary, among others.

Have an awesome day KIDS….



If you know me, I like to make where I live mine by adding my own touches to where ever I am. It is no different now in Mexico. With the help of Dan we chose to brighten up our place with colors. So we decided to add many bright colors to the masterpiece of our home.

We started with our bed room and of course our bed. At first the thought of poke a dots was not in the picture, but after looking at it with the other items, it grew on me. So here it goes ~ the fitted sheet is dark purple and the sheets are white with big poke a dots with a blanket of orange and an over blanket of many colors. The rug is bright with many colors with a parrot as the picture. I know when I wake up from a nap or even in the morning I will feel so much alive. This is a great piece to the puzzle of Dan and mine healing process.


I have started to purchase my first live plant, a cactus. I decided that our table which we eat on would need a center piece and what fun would it be to have a cactus plant since we are in Mexico. HAHAHA

What would it be like to not have an area to cook in, especially when I like to create different dishes? I like to make it simple, but at the same time my very own masterpiece. The other day Dan wanted to have something sweet, but we could not find any gluten free sweets at the store. However we did find gluten free brownie mix. I am using an electric skillet and I thought how can I make brownies in the skillet? Well I came up with something, by using my imagination I decided to make miniature pancakes that look like cookies. YAY they came out real good and tasted just like a brownie. So you see anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Its time for me to go out and enjoy the awesome site of the mountains from afar and the sweet sound of the birds tweeting with the flowers blooming all around.

Check out the pictures, I have been here three weeks already and feel like I can truly call this my home…..

Went last week to get my two year residential card, It is going to be official soon that I am legally stating that my home is Mexico….

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Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Memory By 75%

Published 8-April-2013 by Jenny Hope at
Rosemary herb
Useful and attractive: Research has found the essential oil from rosemary helps long-term memory and alertness

Why a whiff of rosemary DOES help you remember: Sniffing the herb can increase memory by 75%
• The Tudors believed rosemary had powers to enhance memory
• In Hamlet, Ophelia says ‘There’s rosemary that’s for remembrance’
• Researchers have found the oil helps alertness and arithmetic

Shakespeare was right in saying rosemary can improve your memory.
Researchers have found for the first time that essential oil from the herb when sniffed in advance enables people to remember to do things.
It could help patients take their medication on time, it is claimed, or even help the forgetful to post a birthday card.

In a series of tests rosemary essential oil from the herb increased the chances of remembering to do things in the future, by 60-75 per cent compared with people who had not been exposed to the oil.
Other studies have shown the oil increases alertness and enhances long-term memory.
Rosemary has been long been linked to memory, with the most famous literary reference found in Hamlet when Ophelia declares: ‘There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray, love, remember.’ It is used in modern-day herbal medicine as a mild painkiller and for migraines and digestive problems.
A team of psychologists at Northumbria University, Newcastle, tested the effects of essential oils from rosemary.

Dr Mark Moss, who will present the findings today at the British Psychology Society conference in Harrogate, said the benefit of aromas was becoming clear through scientific investigation.
He said ‘We wanted to build on our previous research that indicated rosemary aroma improved long-term memory and mental arithmetic.

‘In this study we focused on prospective memory, which involves the ability to remember events that will occur in the future and to remember to complete tasks at particular times. This is critical for everyday functioning, for example when someone needs to remember to post a birthday card or to take medication at a particular time.’

Rosemary essential oil was diffused in to a testing room by placing four drops on an aroma stream fan diffuser and switching this on five minutes before people entered the room.
Altogether 66 people took part in the study and were randomly allocated to either the rosemary-scented room or another room with no scent.

In each room participants completed a test designed to assess their prospective memory functions.

Herb lore: William Shakespeare referred to rosemary's power to enhance the memory in Ophelia¿s line in Hamlet

This included tasks such as hiding objects and asking participants to find them at the end of the test and instructing them to pass a specified object to the researcher at a particular time.
All the tasks had to be done with no prompting but if the task was not performed then different degrees of prompting were used.

The more prompting that was used the lower the score.

The volunteers, all healthy adults, also completed questionnaires assessing their mood.

Blood was taken from volunteers and analysed to see if performance levels and changes in mood following exposure to the rosemary aroma were related to concentrations of a compound known as 1,8-cineole present in the blood.

The compound is also found in the essential oil of rosemary and has previously been shown to act on the biochemical systems that underpin memory.

The results showed that participants in the rosemary-scented room performed better on the prospective memory tasks than the participants in the room with no scent.
This was the case for remembering events, remembering to complete tasks at particular times, and the speed of recall.

The results from the blood analysis found that significantly greater amounts of 1,8-cineole were present in the plasma of those in the rosemary scented room, suggesting that sniffing the aroma led to higher concentrations.
Rosemary is also used as a painkiller and for migraines and digestion
Power of herbs: Rosemary is also used as a painkiller and for migraines and digestion

Previous research suggests volatile molecules from essential oils can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the nose.
The chemicals also stimulate the olfactory nerve in the nose directly, which could have effects on brain functioning.

Researcher Jemma McCready said ‘The difference between the two groups was 60-75 per cent, for example one group would remember to do seven things compared with four tasks completed by those who did not smell the oil, and they were quicker.

‘We deliberately set them a lot of tasks, so it’s possible that people who multi-task could function better after sniffing rosemary oil.’ Miss McCready said ‘There was no link between the participants’ mood and memory. This suggests performance is not influenced as a consequence of changes in alertness or arousal.

‘These findings may have implications for treating individuals with memory impairments.
‘It supports our previous research indicating that the aroma of rosemary essential oil can enhance cognitive functioning in healthy adults, here extending to the ability to remember events and to complete tasks in the future.

‘Remembering when and where to go and for what reasons underpins everything we do, and we all suffer minor failings that can be frustrating and sometimes dangerous. ‘Further research is needed to investigate if this treatment is useful for older adults who have experienced memory decline’ she added.






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One of my passions is to spread the knowledge that I have received and experienced through my journey with breast cancer. I had to change some of my food habits and went organic. What way to heal my body, but to share some of my dishes with other cancer patient’s. As I have experienced, it can be fun and easy. Close your eyes and imagine colors and out of those colors ~ smells and then imagine what it would look like on a plate. You can create your own masterpieces.....