Wednesday, April 17, 2013



As I lay down tonight I am thinking how blessed I am to be alive for it is going on three years since I was DX with breast cancer. I am not only celebrating this event being cancer free but now enjoying a new life in another country. It has been a long road and for the one’s that have been following my progress with Functional Medicine I thank you for being there by my side. For others I invite you to explore my blog on how I managed cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation. As you browse through you will get educated on natural ways to take care of ones body.

As you continue to follow my new journey in Mexico, I would like to capture the adventure and culture of another country. Dan and I have heard from several people that they were concerned with our well being. I want to express as I explore my new home that I feel just as safe here as where I was living before in the States and the statistics I have read seem to point that out.

Every time I go out my front door, I hear birds tweeting and see the beauty of the mountains that surround me with nature of the land, with trees and flowers all around. I hear dogs barking, trying to say something and see the horses coming up to eat the green grass and drinking the water from the sprinklers while the sun beats down on my skin giving me the natural vitamin D that one needs to keep healthy. The rocky road going down to the end of the road is hilly and is great for exercise. It is so peaceful here looking over the cliff at the town below us; this is just what our doctor ordered.



Next week I will be going to Ajijic to explore and will be reporting what we have discovered. So until then enjoy the rest of the week.


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