Sunday, November 30, 2014


Today we had a relaxing Sunday with our friends Todd Burnside and Sandra Burnside. Went to a coffee shop along the ocean to see the tide come in with the sun shining bright. Also went to get fresh coconut juice and coconut. Yummy and healthy for you Have a fabulous week to come.


Yesterday came and gone. Had a very inspired day by seeing my Earth Angel, she was one of the people that impacted my healing process. I have mentioned her several times in my book. Thank you many times over Vera Lopez and Manny for believing in me and your invention. We went to this restaurant that the Titanic was filmed, the food was fabulous and the environment was scenic. Form here we went to their house, Christmas all over, its beginning to feel like Christmas....


Sunday, November 23, 2014

TIME JUST flies by

TIME JUST flies by

Well its been a week since Dan started his treatments and now just one more week is left. Yesterday he was treated in a box which I call the (turtle) to over 100 degrees along with an oxygen mix for about 15 minutes. If anyone had followed me you know that cancer can not live in a similar environment . Check out the stylish pic of Dan being heated up.

Our stay would not be an adventure without some challenges. We take two van taxies to the facility from Tijuana Beach. The first stop is downtown Tijuana and then we walk about four blocks to catch the next run to the facility. Friday was very busy and the streets reminded Dan of New York City. It was overwhelming with people moving fast all around us. I just stood there glancing at all of them while waiting for the light to change so we could cross.

We made it there all right and we got back in time to watch a fabulous sunset.

Today we are relaxing with friends for we do not have any type of treatment planned. There is one more person that I have to visit with, my earth angel Vera. She is one of my inspirations that got me through my treatments while I was having Functional Medicine.

             Until Tomorrow, what ever it brings have a            fabulous day.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Vitamin C and Visiting with Dr. Garcia

Vitamin C and Visiting with Dr. Garcia

Today before Dan started his vitamin C treatment, we strolled to what is called the twin buildings to visit with my GP doctor that treated me the first time for functional medicine. We did some private investigation and asked other offices where Dr Garcia was. After about twenty minutes a spa rep told us that he had an office in the Holistic Doctors Office.

So off Dan and I went !!!! We entered the office and asked the girl up front for Dr Garcia. She replied as if we had an appointment and we advised no, but we were patients of his and was in the neighborhood. After a while he stepped out and was surprised and hugged both of us. We were guided to his office where we spoke for a while. I am so humble to know him, for he was also one that educated me on managing my cancer. While I was there I gave him a signed book and advised him how much I was inspired by him.

Seeing him I felt happy and sad at the same time but also bittersweet for he is not working  anymore with Dr Perez. The two of them made a fabulous team for both are very passionate about their work. 

Both, I would trust with my life and will never forget the passion and work they did and still do. They gave me and Dan the quality of life that we have been living.

Now lets get back to Dan, He is having a bag of vitamin C today and the facility was full with no rooms available so we are in the emergency room having the treatment done. Right now Dan is reading a book called The Dream Is Over The Nightmare Begins, plus the author signed the book.

Thank goodness for Daniel our friend the chef. We had fruit delivered to us before we got to the facility. All organic strawberries, plums, bananas, pears, and apples. Also, toast with homemade jelly.

Well I am going to get a bite to eat for we brought organic crackers and humus to snack on. Yummy, until next time


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Like most doctor offices and facilities, there is always a wait.  Today is no difference.  Dan and I woke up early for we were told that his procedure will start at 10:30.  Well the joke is on us it’s now 11:30 and we are still waiting.  Of course this is the busy time of the year here at the facilty so we must take a number (figure of speech). 

Today for lunch we are going to call out, for our dear friend Daniel will make us a fabulous lunch.  Maybe Spaghetti with vegetables or lasagna, which will be a treat.  He will deliver it to us in person.

Dan has an IV set up in his arm, which the nurse left in for future treatments, so last night we bought some plastic bags and tape for him to take a shower.  Got up early and situated Dan for his shower.  Here is a pic of the masterpiece!!!!

The doctor is getting us ready for the ozone treatment, we will keep all posted on coming treatments.  They gave us a calendar of each day and the treatments.  Until then, keep smiling and have a fabulous day.    

Next week he is going to be going in the Box ( we call it the turtle) . See pic

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


We are back for Dan’s final treatment.  I am sitting in a room awaiting for a procedure to begin.  As I wait, I begin to recall the past when I was having my cancer treatments.  It was like just yesterday I was lying in the bed.  Now I am up writing and telling about his experiences and his feelings on what he is going through.

We got back on this side of Mexico three days ago and are staying with some amazing people; Todd and Sandra.  We met them in Chapala a little over a year ago.  The first couple of days in Tijuana was relaxing, our hosts Todd and Sandra showed us around their neighborhood. The first place we went to was this quiet little restaurant that looks over the border of San Diego. Its the first time in 2 years that we were so close to USA.  Dan and I had buckwheat waffles with strawberry yogurt along with organic fruit.  Yummy it was like having a treat.

After, we strolled along the beach on the boardwalk.  The buildings and walls were full art from hopeful artists.  I never saw so many great pieces staring at me.  Along the path we stopped for coffee at a couple of cafes. They were so artistic and warm looking.  We had coffee and some banana nut cake at this one and it was to die for.

The next day we sat along the beach and just listened to the wave’s crash along the shoreline. We also met this artist that was doing sand art. He was carving in the stone along the ocean front, what awesome work and if only the world can see the beauty that I am seeing here in Tijuana beach.

Before we knew it, it was Monday the first day for functional medicine.  The first thing we did was eat at the café and ask if they had Daniel the chef’s phone number, for I wanted to see him and also give him my book.  I had mentioned him throughout the book and became fabulous friends.  One of the employees of the café was able to contact him and we got together during the day.  He took us to his kitchen where he makes organic foods for patients that are staying in hotels. Daniel delivers right to their doors.  I rate his food as a 5 star restaurant.  The night ended with us going to a sushi bar one that he would go to all the time.  I must say for Mexico this one was Japanese through in through.

Finally; we were back to Todd and Sandra’s place and relaxed with their company.  So this is where I begin to tell you of our wait for Dan’s treatment.  They already put an IV in and now we are waiting for the doctor to come in.

 Until next time, enjoy the pics of this area we are staying in…