Friday, November 21, 2014

Vitamin C and Visiting with Dr. Garcia

Vitamin C and Visiting with Dr. Garcia

Today before Dan started his vitamin C treatment, we strolled to what is called the twin buildings to visit with my GP doctor that treated me the first time for functional medicine. We did some private investigation and asked other offices where Dr Garcia was. After about twenty minutes a spa rep told us that he had an office in the Holistic Doctors Office.

So off Dan and I went !!!! We entered the office and asked the girl up front for Dr Garcia. She replied as if we had an appointment and we advised no, but we were patients of his and was in the neighborhood. After a while he stepped out and was surprised and hugged both of us. We were guided to his office where we spoke for a while. I am so humble to know him, for he was also one that educated me on managing my cancer. While I was there I gave him a signed book and advised him how much I was inspired by him.

Seeing him I felt happy and sad at the same time but also bittersweet for he is not working  anymore with Dr Perez. The two of them made a fabulous team for both are very passionate about their work. 

Both, I would trust with my life and will never forget the passion and work they did and still do. They gave me and Dan the quality of life that we have been living.

Now lets get back to Dan, He is having a bag of vitamin C today and the facility was full with no rooms available so we are in the emergency room having the treatment done. Right now Dan is reading a book called The Dream Is Over The Nightmare Begins, plus the author signed the book.

Thank goodness for Daniel our friend the chef. We had fruit delivered to us before we got to the facility. All organic strawberries, plums, bananas, pears, and apples. Also, toast with homemade jelly.

Well I am going to get a bite to eat for we brought organic crackers and humus to snack on. Yummy, until next time


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