Sunday, November 23, 2014

TIME JUST flies by

TIME JUST flies by

Well its been a week since Dan started his treatments and now just one more week is left. Yesterday he was treated in a box which I call the (turtle) to over 100 degrees along with an oxygen mix for about 15 minutes. If anyone had followed me you know that cancer can not live in a similar environment . Check out the stylish pic of Dan being heated up.

Our stay would not be an adventure without some challenges. We take two van taxies to the facility from Tijuana Beach. The first stop is downtown Tijuana and then we walk about four blocks to catch the next run to the facility. Friday was very busy and the streets reminded Dan of New York City. It was overwhelming with people moving fast all around us. I just stood there glancing at all of them while waiting for the light to change so we could cross.

We made it there all right and we got back in time to watch a fabulous sunset.

Today we are relaxing with friends for we do not have any type of treatment planned. There is one more person that I have to visit with, my earth angel Vera. She is one of my inspirations that got me through my treatments while I was having Functional Medicine.

             Until Tomorrow, what ever it brings have a            fabulous day.

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