Tuesday, November 4, 2014




October is not just my husband Dan’s birthday, but it’s Halloween.  This year Hotel Perico had a Halloween party for the kids that are staying here.  It started out with bobbing for donuts, mind you they were chocolate.   You had to be there to see the kids’ faces full of chocolate.  After, they had a piñata full of candy. Before the evening came to an end, it was time to roast marshmallows. We had a fabulous time with new and old friends.  The night came to an end with a scary movie.  Who said that American’s can’t make a statement and enjoy Halloween in Mexico?



Two days later there was a celebration that is a Mexican tradition. Dan and I am celebrating our second year of The Dia de los Muertos.  Last year our daughter came to visit us and it was fabulous sharing this part of Mexico with her and her boyfriend. This year we celebrated with friends and had another amazing time with lots of dancing, music and costumes.  Dan and I visited both towns that surrounds us Chapala and Ajijic. The streets were dressed up with alters of the past and their special talents with food.  



The evening festivals have a parade from the local cemetery to the town square with fireworks and a celebration.  

People dress up and paint their faces to represent the old tradition dating back to the Aztec times.


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