Thursday, November 20, 2014


Like most doctor offices and facilities, there is always a wait.  Today is no difference.  Dan and I woke up early for we were told that his procedure will start at 10:30.  Well the joke is on us it’s now 11:30 and we are still waiting.  Of course this is the busy time of the year here at the facilty so we must take a number (figure of speech). 

Today for lunch we are going to call out, for our dear friend Daniel will make us a fabulous lunch.  Maybe Spaghetti with vegetables or lasagna, which will be a treat.  He will deliver it to us in person.

Dan has an IV set up in his arm, which the nurse left in for future treatments, so last night we bought some plastic bags and tape for him to take a shower.  Got up early and situated Dan for his shower.  Here is a pic of the masterpiece!!!!

The doctor is getting us ready for the ozone treatment, we will keep all posted on coming treatments.  They gave us a calendar of each day and the treatments.  Until then, keep smiling and have a fabulous day.    

Next week he is going to be going in the Box ( we call it the turtle) . See pic

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