Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today we started out with some organic oatmeal, strawberries, figs and pure honey.

  Dan and I went down to the bottom of the mountain to this coffee shop that is wired for the internet, for we had to take care of some business on the computer. This coffee place will probably be our new hangout. I must say it also has good view of the mountains along with Wal-Mart, HAHAHA. We sat outside for the weather was not humid and 86 degrees. The breeze blew across my face and gave me a sense of happiness.

As we were down in the town, we decided to go to the store to get some organic soap and things. Along the way I wanted to capture some awesome views, so I took my camera out and just randomly took some pictures. The area is so peaceful and full of color like paradise.

It’s getting late and we needed to get back to our place for dinner is approaching. I had something special in mind tonight, its lamb and sauerkraut. We had picked the lamb up at the organic market on Tuesday.

We got home and ate and as Dan was clearing off the table we heard the neighborhood dog’s barking. So we looked out our porch and saw a herd of horses just grazing in the soccer field. You know Dan; we had to go out and explore. Check it out; I never was so close to wild horses before…

Oh by the way Dan has a new friend named Rocky Balboa. He follows Dan in the morning while he strolls down the path to the other side where you can look over the cliff onto the mountains.

Tomorrow is just going to be a cleaning and laundry day so I will skip putting anything on, unless I find the laundry room exciting. Until the next time, goodbye

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