Saturday, April 27, 2013


If you know me, I like to make where I live mine by adding my own touches to where ever I am. It is no different now in Mexico. With the help of Dan we chose to brighten up our place with colors. So we decided to add many bright colors to the masterpiece of our home.

We started with our bed room and of course our bed. At first the thought of poke a dots was not in the picture, but after looking at it with the other items, it grew on me. So here it goes ~ the fitted sheet is dark purple and the sheets are white with big poke a dots with a blanket of orange and an over blanket of many colors. The rug is bright with many colors with a parrot as the picture. I know when I wake up from a nap or even in the morning I will feel so much alive. This is a great piece to the puzzle of Dan and mine healing process.


I have started to purchase my first live plant, a cactus. I decided that our table which we eat on would need a center piece and what fun would it be to have a cactus plant since we are in Mexico. HAHAHA

What would it be like to not have an area to cook in, especially when I like to create different dishes? I like to make it simple, but at the same time my very own masterpiece. The other day Dan wanted to have something sweet, but we could not find any gluten free sweets at the store. However we did find gluten free brownie mix. I am using an electric skillet and I thought how can I make brownies in the skillet? Well I came up with something, by using my imagination I decided to make miniature pancakes that look like cookies. YAY they came out real good and tasted just like a brownie. So you see anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Its time for me to go out and enjoy the awesome site of the mountains from afar and the sweet sound of the birds tweeting with the flowers blooming all around.

Check out the pictures, I have been here three weeks already and feel like I can truly call this my home…..

Went last week to get my two year residential card, It is going to be official soon that I am legally stating that my home is Mexico….

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