Sunday, April 7, 2013

Florida Girl Changing For a Better Lifestyle

It’s been going on three days since my arrival to Mexico. I have unpacked and am getting settled in.

Looking at the awesome view and the mountains that surround me, I could have not have chosen a better place to continue to heal myself. There is this area which I have in mind for an organic garden; it’s a perfect place to start one. The owner of the property is excited as much as I am to grow greens and other vegetables.

It is funny how life takes its turns for I have lived in Florida for fifty-five years and now because of my illness I had to move to Mexico for financial reasons.

Who thought I would ever move especially to another country. I know that Dan and I are able to continue my home program and any treatments needed to keep my cancer managed. We had insurance in the states, but were restricted on what they would pay… It is terrible that you have to pay big premiums and still have to pay out of pocket and then it would not pay for treatment that is done outside of the states… We need to look more into this issue, and stand together to fight for the health rights of what treatments we feel are better for ourselves.

In the near future my goal is to start this format to change the way the healthcare system sees functional medicine. For it was this type of treatment that managed my cancer and not the conventional cut, burn, or poison method that is only allowed in the U.S.

I have been in the middle of a book regarding my journey through cancer and how I have been handling it and living through it. It has been a long road, but I have been blessed to be able to share a different approach to treating cancer without effecting ones body. The book is in the editing stage and hoping it to be out at the end of this year. The main topic is to relate that you have choices and hope; that other ways of care do work and it is not a miracle and it is based on truth and brings that hope that your choice can work if applied and followed.

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