Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today Dan and I adventured out to the town of Chapala. It was our food day and we had heard of several markets around that town. Of course we had to find organic and that was not difficult. We called a taxi and the taxi driver Cruz Moreda showed up to pick us up. As we were riding down the road he started a conversation with us in English regarding organic foods. The first stop was The Hole in One; I was amazed to find several gluten free vendors selling all kinds of prepared foods such as breads, pizza, and pastries.

Dan and I was visiting each vendor until we approached this one that we were very interested in, they sold grass fed beef and lamb. The vendor was from Rancho Azui, owner George Gaudet. We spoke to Maggie and during our conversation we ordered for next week some ground lamb.

There was another vendor that we were taken with, Helena’s. As we were talking with her, she advised that she has been living in Mexico for nine years and she was selling home made gluten free breads. We at this point had not had breakfast, so we purchased blueberry gluten free bread. I must say it was very appetizing.

Again, there were several vendors that sold gluten free items. We purchased some raisin bread from Otro Pan (sin gluten) and we continued to walk around until we saw in the corner of our eyes a vendor that was selling salmon. The name of the vendor was Slamm in Salmon and he had all kinds of salmon dishes. The dish that caught our eye was smoked salmon, without any hesitation we purchased one piece. I must say it was very delicious; we had it tonight for dinner with some eggplant and a salad. While there we also purchased organic eggs from another vender along with some pure organic honey mmm good.

Last but not least the last vendor Comis Gardens had vegetables that were not sprayed with pesticides. I was going to buy what I needed until Dan reminded me that we are going to other markets that may have more, so I just bought some tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and a red pepper. I can not wait until next week for I do not think I would find the quality anywhere else.

Moving on, we took a bus to the next market in Chapala. This one was all Mexican and I felt out of place. They had several things, but unable to find out if they were organic or not. Next in the center of the town there was another market in which we were recommended by our landlord Tom; to purchase beef. We found that it was grass fed so we picked up some ground beef, and it was enough for nine meals.

From there we took another bus to Wal-Mart to pick up some items for our home…. What a long day ~ we caught a cab back to our place and unpacked all of our goodies.

Night came upon us and we walked out to where the stars were twinkling and the wind brushing against my face.

Tomorrow we are going to the town of Ajijic to another organic market and also to have our visa extended for a year.

Until tomorrow be safe and enjoy life…

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a long day...Glad you guys are doing well,,, miss you