Wednesday, May 15, 2013



The day started out where we went to Chapala to get our finger prints done for our two year resident visa. As usual we were driven down to the immigration building where we were going to meet our representative, and as we met up with her; she of course did not have our paperwork. Tom from Hotel Perico took us to get the paperwork and back to square one. Finally it was Dan and my turn to do our finger prints. It was messy, all our finger tips were covered in black ink but then it was finally over and we went on to better things!!

As we took a stroll into the town of Chapala to the meat market, I of course brought my camera and took pictures of the breath taking areas. There was a boardwalk that Dan and I started to walk along until we got to the pier and then took another direction to the meat market.

After getting our steaks that were grass feed for an amazing amount of just $2.55 American dollars we were off to the dentist. Two days ago one of my fillings fell out and I had to get something done to save the tooth. We took a cab to Wal-Mart were I went into to get tooth paste and a brush so when we got to the dentist I could clean my teeth before he began.

We just made it in time and checked in at the front office, where there was paper work to be filled out. To make a long story short, the dentist advised me in broken English that I would need a crown. At that time I stated that I would need to ask my husband for he has the money…. The dentist laughed and left to get him. After consulting we agreed to start to prepare for the crown. It will only cost $425.00 for total cost. We were surprised for the same procedure in the states was over $3,000.00.

Onward and upward we made another appointment and walked back to Wal-Mart to catch another cab home. I rested up for awhile and then started dinner. We were going to have steak ~ Yummy. It’s now dinner time so until next time, have a great week and enjoy the pictures that were taken

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