Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I have no regrets and have moved on in life while becoming more and more knowledgeable on how to manage my health issues. As time goes by I will continue to share my experience with my followers as I explore my new journey in Mexico. It seems like it was all a blur and sometimes I wished it was a dream, but this gave me the strength to be able to share my experience and speak out that there are other types of treatments other then the traditional ways. Time goes by so fast; it is hard to believe that it will be three years when I got the shocking news that I had cancer. Through it all I have gained strength and no longer fear for I can control what I eat and how I live. As I have shared my life’s ups and downs throughout my journey with cancer, I also tried to share natural and healthy ways and gain knowledge on how to take care of ones body. First and most important it is up to you and it is your choice, so think about what you do before it affects your health.

Today Dan and I went to the organic market and picked up some vegetables and fish. From there we walked to downtown Ajijic to an organic coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee. We were disappointed prior, for while we were at the organic market we found that the organic restaurant that we went to two years ago went out of business. We spoke to Peter the past owner, who was there selling Sheppard’s pie and blueberry tarts among other things. He states to us that he misses his old customers but always had a hard time keeping help and that he had been running the business for eight years. It is hard to say good bye to The Secret Garden but I understand. The restaurant was both vegetarian and organic and the public is not educated well on the benefits of eating these ways, even though they may hear about the chemical sprays that are in our food sources. Knowledge is power and we have to think about what the side effects will be.

When I got home I had a follower that was interested in what I did to manage my cancer, he could not find it on my blog so I am going to give a short description of what I did. If you are also interested in what I did you can go to the blog archive on the right hand side and click on 2011. Then click where the number 367 is and go in January where the journey begins and work your way to newer posts.

As I sit in wonder, I look back throughout this year and realized how blessed I am to be alive. As it went one winter day last December I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My body became paralyzed with fear for my father and other relatives have died from cancer. Would I be the next one to be taken of this disease? After speaking with my husband and my daughter we as a team decided to not listen to my surgeon and have the surgery with chemo and radiation, but to find another way out.

With lots of research on the computer my husband found my way out ~ its called FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. Well, with awesome doctors and a great program I managed my cancer and as of last week the CT scan and lab work has a positive note, no cancer.

I can’t say how humble I feel for I did not have the pain from surgery nor did I get sick and lose my hair. My treatments consisted of heat and oxygen treatments and at the worst I had flu like symptoms.

As I turn through the pages of my past year, I have gained spiritually as well as mentally and physically from the experiences of cancer. I have gained a lot of knowledge through incredible top rated people and through this sharing with others; the hope and comfort it brought me.

Cancer can be controlled, but you need to treat it with respect. You need to know what you are dealing with and how to treat it daily. Its learning how to reorganize what’s important to our bodies and lives we lead. As I close~ I will let you on a secret! It’s your choice and you need to take control of the issue not leave it up to others to make the decisions for you. I started with a program that enhanced the quality of my life by first changing the way I ate and drank. I learned ways to meditate to release stress and made time to exercise. It’s those important steps that maintain hope of never seeing cancer again.

We need to stand up to what is affecting us, the environment, and face the final curtain by thinking out side the box and realizing what we are working with.

Through my words on my blog , I am hoping it will give you a better understanding of how to treat cancer within your body.

As I regroup my personal life, I will continue to manage my cancer and help any others that are going through it with the support of my heart. I am a survivor of knowledge and not of cancer. I will not let it control my body and mind. Individually we are a drop, but together we can create an ocean, let’s start now ~ it’s your choice.

Courage is standing face to face with fear... and smiling at it!

As I close, here are some pictures that I took today of the town and the organic coffee place. I am going to relax and hang low for a couple of days so until next time, BE SAFE.


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