Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Preventative mastectomies are they really going to save you from cancer? Studies show cells migrate during surgery, cells that migrate into the blood stream during a 'preventative' surgery can contain precancerous cells. Over a time these cells will settle where they can, if the body environment is ripe, will grow cancer. Is this then just false hope?

If a person is high risk, would not the more prudent action be to live a proactive lifestyle and work with integrative doctors to work to bring down their 'high risk' through natural therapies? With the BX Antitoxin available, perhaps a preventative administration of the BX would be far more prudent than to cut your breast off in a desperate move of false hope.

Today Angelina Jolie announced her brave move in cutting her breasts off. Is she really going to be spared? Let us hope for her that it does. But her attempt to announce this in order to encourage others to follow her in this desperate attempt to stave off cancer, is putting many women into a sheeple line up without absolute proven studies to show their lives will indeed be cancer free. There just is not enough absolute evidence to prove cutting body parts off will prevent that cancer, there is no guarantee 'high risk' cells do not migrate to other areas to grow as a metastatic breast cancer.


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