Sunday, May 19, 2013


Last night there was another wedding reception of 120 people on the grounds of Hotel Perico. Dan and I were invited and of course we could not refuse. The night was perfect for an outside event. The breeze flowed through the curtains that each gazebo had placed around them. It was very elegant all white, fit for a princess. The couple lived in Canada before coming back to where they were raised, so the music was very modern, most I had heard in America. The dance floor was laid down with lights blinking throughout it and a tall screen with videos that looked like MTV.

The groom said to us to eat, drink, dance, enjoy and become part of the celebration like everyone else. Of course Dan and I brought are own drinks. At the local liquor store we found some organic wine and the other day I made homemade salsa with big red ripe organic tomatoes. I must say it turned out awesome. So we brought some of it along with organic chips. As everyone started to eat, Dan and I took out our food we brought and joined in.

After the dinner was over the music and the light show began. The other long term residents of Perico were also invited and we had our very own table. Myself and a couple of girls that also stay there all decided to go up and dance along with the bride and groom. I have made a movie of all the pictures that I took and the fun that Dan and I had with our friends that we met.

Of course the party continued through the early morning, Dan and I turned in around mid-night. I have been adventuring out and have run across wonderful people from all over. The people are so warm here and share their stories with us. I fell in love with this area and it has become my little paradise.

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