Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Escaramuza show at the Ajijic Bull Ring


Today Dan took me to the Escaramuza performance in Ajijic. The word Escaramuza in Spanish means skirmish. Another meaning is, “Riding from the heart.”  

It was a combination of equestrian skills, handcrafted tack, beautiful costumes, music and food. It is a rich heritage of living folk traditions dating back hundreds of years. I found it breath taking and very colorful.

The riding is dangerous and precise. I watched the women saying prayers before performance. I had no way to gather information on this event. All I have to share with you is the photos and the joy I had while watching them. Most of the women on the horses were very young. Some looked like they were young teenagers. I was impressed with their skills and determination.

The show began with all the riders and their horses being together along with music and people standing for the Mexican National Anthem, it was very moving. It was obvious that a great deal of planning and effort went into this event.

Everything has to be perfectly timed. I only saw one time when two horses bumped into each other. Fortunately, one girl fell but was not hurt.

The performance was something that I never saw before and was a great Mother’s Day outing. I enjoyed the talent and bravery of each one of the girls. It took hard work and training to put on the performance that they exhibited. An amazing job!!!!


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