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Relay for Life...for the millionaires who depend on the Politics of Guilt and Pity to continue their high-society life style. Go to page 57, fiscal year Aug.31, 2009 and see how many top directors are getting filthy rich playing on your heartstrings. Source: Thanks to Amanda Legnetti for posting this. CEO John R. Seffrin making (claimed) $1.3M. Chief Medical Officer Otis Brawley- $416,416. Chief Operating Officer, Greg Bontrager- $574K. Chief Mission Officer, Terry Music-$406,807. Executive VP, Field Operations, Joe Cahoon-$440,874. But wait! We can't forget those who have RETIRED: RETIRED Deputy COO Donald Thomas $1,799,336. RETIRED National VP SVCS William Barram- $2,428,592. Retired Chief Medical Officer Harmon Eyre- $699,611. Retired National VP DIV SVCS, Clint Clampitt- $1,555,810. Retired Chief Operating Officer, Patricia Felts- $667,454. Let's number crunch. These top 12 execs made $10,889,029. Of these, 5 are retired and making 66% of that total, or $7,150,803. So before you lace up those sneakers:REMEMBER: Somebody's retirement depends on you! CELEBRATE: Like the millionaire execs when they get your sweaty dollarsFIGHT BACK: With the TRUTH, that the American Cancer Society is a SCAM Here's what I wrote to my grandson's school when I found out they wanted the children to bring in their spare change to support these fat cats. Something deep down inside me just puked at the idea of manipulating kids like this. January 31, 2007 Bluebonnet Elementary 211 S. Mockingbird Lane Lockhart, TX 78644 Mr. Espinoza, Principal Re: American Cancer Society Relay for Life and Coin Drive Dear Principal Espinoza, No one wants to defeat cancer more than I. My oldest son had a bone marrow transplant seven years ago due to severe aplastic anemia, a disease very much like leukemia. He recovered, but there were many other innocent, precious children we met at City of Hope who perished. However, soliciting pennies from children to give to an organization that allegedly and perpetually searches for the cure to cancer is more than an exercise in futility, it is morally reprehensible. While the well-meant and noble intention may be to teach the children to be more altruistic and self-sacrificing, what is actually being taught is to throw money at a problem and to expect someone else to fix it. What is the better way? How about teaching them what really causes cancer, and to take personal responsibility to prevent cancer in their own bodies? The American Cancer Society may purport to do this, but do they really? The ACS has been around since 1913 and in that time many brilliant scientists and doctors have discovered both the cause and the cure, yet their studies have been ignored, and in some cases they themselves have been ridiculed and even persecuted. You see, if the problem is solved, the need for the existence of a very profitable fundraising organization is threatened. Let me quickly quote the work of two doctors to illustrate this truth. Dr. Otto Warburg proved in the 1930’s that cancer was caused by low oxygen to the cells. He even won a Nobel Prize for his work. When oxygen was deprived, the cells turned cancerous; when oxygen was supplied, these same cells were healed. One of the primary ways of depleting oxygen to cells is to eat sugar. You may have experienced this personally after eating a large dessert and then feeling sleepy or yawning soon after. The sugar has taken one of the molecules of carbon dioxide (two molecules of oxygen) and used it during metabolism, leaving carbon monoxide (one molecule of oxygen). This is the same toxic chemical that takes lives when a car is left running in a garage. One enterprising fellow who manufactured plastic chairs used this principle in his business. He began adding sugar to the molten plastic which took out oxygen molecules and resulted in a much stronger chair. Dr. Lorraine Day was an emergency room surgeon in the 1970’s who had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her chest. She knew that chemo and radiation did not work to cure cancer, and even hurried along the demise of its victims in a horrifyingly painful fashion. Defying her doctor’s mandates for the standard treatment that is promoted by the American Cancer Society, she took responsibility for her own health and with God’s help, cured herself by changing her diet and other common-sense applications. I have been to many Relays for Life, and invariably there are huge bowls of candy, soda pop, and other carcinogenic treats at the information booths. The ACS promotes the use of deadly chemotherapy and radiation, two modalities proven to actually cause cancer. Why would the ACS allow such foolishness, unless it was to perpetuate its own existence? Now for some real solutions. There is no denying that our children in this generation are very sick. Not only cancer, but asthma, diabetes, autism, and other degenerative diseases of old age are on the rise in young people. The Center for Disease Control tells us that 31% of them suffer some kind of chronic, debilitating condition by the time they are in their mid-teens. Then there are the millions on drugs for learning disabilities and behavior problems. Babies as young as 9 months are being put on Prozac for depression. Compassionate, intelligent people want to stop the madness and save our children. That is, I presume, why Bluebonnet Elementary is doing this February promotion with the ACS. I propose that we take this a step further. My husband and I have recently moved here. I am in the process of opening up The Life Emporium downtown, where I can teach a program called Supermarket Survival that I developed to expose devitalized, toxic foods and equip shoppers to make informed decisions in the grocery store – where health begins. I propose to present the program to students and/or teachers and staff. Although Supermarket Survival is a Christian-based program, I would respect the neutral position of the school and avoid Scriptural references. Of course, this would be complimentary at no charge to the school. Some of the topics covered on the subject of cancer: • The type of flour that causes diabetes, paranoia, and cancer; • The ingredient in gum that causes brain tumors; • The food color that can bring on an asthma attack and other colors that increase estrogen and cause endocrine imbalance; • Why corn and peanut butter cravings may signal cancer (also why these two foods cause so many allergies); • Why soda pop, candy, and sugar cause cancer; • Healthy sweeteners to look for that won’t cause cancer and diabetes; • The ingredient in hot dogs, bologna, and bacon that causes cancer; • Why grocery store oils are toxic and how they cause skin cancer; A note Nathan brought home yesterday says that popcorn and pickles will be sold as a fundraiser for the Relay for Life team. Is the popcorn from crops that have been genetically engineered? Does it contain a bright yellow seasoning? Is it cooked in oil that is partially hydrogenated? Are the pickles packed with FD&C Yellow #5, a coal-tar based color that contains tartrazine, one of the most carcinogenic chemicals known? I have spent six years studying this subject of foods and their ingredients and the link to disease, and several decades studying nutrition in general. Lockhart is now my home, and it is my pleasure and responsibility to be a blessing to my community. Please give me a call and we can discuss how to help our children make healthy choices for a lifetime. Warmest regards, Donna Voetee cc: LISD Administrative Office

By: Granny Good-Food


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