Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello all my followers,

This month it will be 9 months since I was told the shocking news that I have breast cancer. I am so glad I made the right choice and went against what my surgeon wanted me to do. I have learned and am taking the knowledge and living without having surgery, chemo and radiation. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband that supports me on the decision we made. The doctors that have taught me and are treating me with functional medicine. Together we can change the way our society see’s cancer and to treat it with respect through our immune system.

The problem we face is that we trust our doctors and drug companies to heal us when they really have no ability to do so. Believe it or not to the popular belief and hope, drugs don’t heal people. Your very own body, in fact, has been endowed by the CREATOR with an amazing weapon our human immune system. If functioning properly and treated with adequate nutrition, it has the innate ability to heal virtually anything thrown at it, and that includes cancer.


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