Thursday, September 20, 2012



For all you followers, it’s been almost two years since my treatment in Mexico for breast cancer. I have been managing my cancer with the knowledge that I received from my doctors in Mexico along with much research on foods and exercise. Through all this I have picked myself up and turned something bad into something good. I have made this very personal so that you can see that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. It’s a way of life and you do not have to be sick and bald. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY, CHEMO OR RADIATION.

Last week my husband Dan was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The good news is that it is at stage 1. The bad news is that it has to be treated. When the doctor told us after his biopsy, he stated that when he tells his patients their faces all have this shock look. As I looked at Dan I was not afraid for I know it was treatable and he would not have to have any surgery nor chemo or radiation. I was not in shock, but was tired of getting bad news again. Enough is enough, we need a break!!!!

Well, we contacted Dr Perez in Mexico and he is arranging a home program for Dan and we are making plans to seek treatment not for me this time, but for Dan. We believe in this treatment so much that Dan did not hesitate or think second on where he was going to get treatment.

This blog will continue with not only my progress but now my husband Dan’s treatment. There is a twist for Dan ~ he has to also have two hernia repairs and we are deciding whether to have it here in the states or in Mexico.

Until next time, please continue to send those prayers our way. 


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