Sunday, December 22, 2013



The other night Dan and I took a stroll down memory lane. We get the local news paper, Guadalajara Reporter. This paper is all in English and displays all the happenings around this location.

There was an ad for a Christmas special at the local Casino giving you a show and 500 points. It’s a celebration for me, since it has been three years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m still alive. It is a blessing and I’m so humble for being able to have made the right choice.

Now, it is time to get back to Elvis. You know the saying, “ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING‘. The music, lights and the moves made the night. We were both relaxed and enjoyed a glass of wine just listening to the sounds of years past.

Dan and I did do a little bit of gambling. It’s pretty awesome; we go to this cashier and register by giving them ID, which in return a self picture is taken. After, standing in line and doing the standard procedure I received a card. The card is the most important detail to the Casino; it’s what shows your winnings. Dan and I are big spenders; we only put $15.00 dollars on each card, plus what they gave us which came to $20.00.

I enjoyed the evening on nickel slot machines and we were there for two hours. We won and lost but overall we broke even. I left feeling real good about myself and for Dan a cheap date. The neat thing about the whole night was the card. It’s like a credit card, what you put on it you can go back as often as you want and reuse it. You can add money to it and keep it on. So we left with $15.00 for next time. HAHAHA

I’m going to end with a video from the ELVIS show; it was real dark so please excuse the quality of the movie.

Until next time have a Merry Christmas.

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