Sunday, April 26, 2015



I am still here after managing my cancer for five years. There is a purpose, something that I has grown as my passion. I am not done smiling or laughing for I have a lot of work ahead of me. What I know now has made me a better person and wiser ~ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. This statement is so true because this is what has pulled me through and healed me. Perhaps, if I listened to my surgeon five years ago, “IT IS WHAT IT IS” I might not be writing this piece.

Almost a month ago I started a petition, which is so dear to me, for this is the type of treatment that turned my live around without side effects. I am tired of seeing and hearing sad stories of how one suffers and all the side effects that go into chemo and radiation. We need to open our eyes and minds to see that there are other options out there in this wide world of ours. With the modern equipment such as the internet we can see beyond our little corner.

Let’s change the way we treat people, lets not use Russian Roulette and forget that we all have a choice on our quality of life and stand up to our government and have insurance companies pay for other options other than surgery, chemo or radiation.
I have written a book The purpose ~ I wanted people to learn that in order to cure cancer one has to change their lifestyle. The first step is prevention and finding the core of how it happened in the first place. The book is an easy read and provides a lot of information, please check it out.

To expand the KNOWLEDGE I have also created a web site with treatments that provide options on how to treat and manage cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation. it’s a Scientific Approach which creates personalized programs that are customized for each patient, helping them to fight their cancer their way. Because everyone’s blueprint is different.

So you see I am not done living my life and I will be smiling and laughing. This is what I would like for all cancer patients ~ not just a few. Please stand with me and change the thinking toward cancer and let every cancer patient have a option toward a quality of live.


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