Monday, July 13, 2015



The shock of cancer came into our lives as early as December 2010.  It was the unthinkable, but Dan and I were not going to take this lightly.  We started to research and came across this program that was directed from all over the world.  The program was in Mexico.  So we went for it, this meant no surgery, chemo nor radiation, but it meant going to another country.  I did not even speak Spanish!!  But that did not matter, just knowing that I would not have to go through chemo ~ I was good.

As I look back and look over the video’s that I took, I realize how lucky we are, for both of us went through this treatment and are cancer free at this time.  I have learned how to manage cancer while enjoying life.

I have so much to be thankful for, while being on this ride, we have been enjoying the company of our friends.  From Washington to California ~ New York to the Carolina’s ~ even Maine.  I would like to thank all for sharing this time with us.  I have reflected this time through movies and sharing with the world that we can have a change of lifestyle and still be able to enjoy life without side effects and pain.

The best way to describe what I have learned is Research and that Knowledge is Power.

Through these video’s that I am sharing I hope this can change the future of cancer and that others will learn and open their minds to other options that do not have every lasting side effects.

Through my change of lifestyle Dan and I moved to Mexico.  So I have created movies of How Safe Is Mexico.  I have met fabulous people from all over here in this area of Mexico ~ Lake Chapala.  Through the movies and my blog, I am hoping to change the thinking of Mexico being scary to visit.  Much like the states there are good areas and bad.

I will continue sharing my life and experiences with all.   

It’s impossible, said pride.

It’s risky, said experience.

It’s pointless said reason.

Give it a try, whispered the heart.

You deserve to follow your heart and choose your own journey, but first we need to explore the unknown.

Do the research and you will find that it is not pointless!

Your mind will grow full of hope and your travels may continue for many years.

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