Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feria Maestros del Arte



Last Saturday Dan and I experienced the talented art work of
Mexico.  We not only seen fine art, but
the culture of Mexico through them. 
Before today we did not know that there was a yacht club here in
Chapala.  The atmosphere was very
peaceful and the scenery was breath taking with the music of the Mariachi
Femenil Mujer Latina playing in the background.


Club de Yates de Chapala was inaugurated in 1960. Many of
the original Guadalajaran and local families who were members when the Club
opened, are still members today. Whereas the level of water in the lake was
once in peril, Lake Chapala has rebounded due to several years of heavy
rainfall, a local group Los Amigos del Lago applying for and being granted
membership in Living Lakes (a non-governmental worldwide project to save
lakes), and other intervention on the lake's behalf.


 Located on the shore
of Lake Chapala, Club de Yates de Chapala's beautiful facility includes boat
launching and storage, restaurant, swimming pool, soccer field, and beautiful
grounds. Whereas, a few years ago, you would not have seen pleasure boats on
the lake, today the boat tours to Mexcala and Alacran Islands are up and
running from the Chapala pier, and members of the yacht club regularly take out
their sailboats, etc. to enjoy the lake.


Comodoro (commodore) Juan Luis de Limelette Farah is
dedicated to bringing culture and new members to the yacht club. The Feria was
delighted when in 2007 this facility became the new home for Feria Maestros del
Arte. The hope is  to be there for many
years to come. The location is a beautiful one with all the white tents set up
against the backdrop of Lake Chapala.


The folk and indigenous art available at this show is
diverse and there are no middle-man prices because the artists pay nothing to
attend the show - no booth fee, no percentage of sales, they are housed with
local families and fed while at the show. The artists are very grateful to the
Club de Yates de Chapala for allowing them to use their facility.


Enjoy the movie

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