Sunday, March 26, 2017

Money is the root of all evil


They say money is the root of all evil.  We cannot live life without this, it rules the world.  When I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought it was the end of the world.  I had insurance that Dan and I had paid for many years, however; would only cover conventional methods.  I saw what chemo and radiation can do, and within my heart did not want to go through the pain and suffering.  Money did buy Dan and I our lives, but at a price.  This is happening to many other people daily.

We both worked through our thirty years plus marriage. Suddenly, after seeing our life retirement savings leave us and after giving up all our belongings I am here today writing about something that is so precious to me, one’s life.  I do not look back on the things that I did not ever think that was even possible, like filling bankruptcy, giving up our cars, giving up our home and moving to Mexico.  This is happening to many other people daily minus moving outside the country.

Not only because of our treatments but also our aftercare, we have to deal with every month on how to come up with the money for payment.  I am not complaining, just venting for I know others that are struggling with this very same issue. This is happening to many other people daily.

Money, why does it always come down to this.  I see and hear several people express their anger about health care.  I too have been there and done that.  We have to make others realize that even though you have insurance, it may not cover all of your expenses or even the choice of treatments you chose to have.  Remember, even though it’s your body, the insurance company chooses for you what type of treatments you can have.  So, is health care worth having??? This is happening to many other people daily.

I am not suggesting not to have insurance, but again due to money it should be a choice and not a burden. Money always plays a part in one’s life.  I wish they would teach you at an early age, that money isn’t always enough and how to search for what is important in life. This is happening to many other people daily.

 Dan and I struggled to find ourselves and today living in Mexico taught us to grow and become understanding of time. In Mexico, some have money others do not, but either way seem to live life for the day and not complain about what they do not have and I even saw online that they are amongst the happiest people in the world.  We continue to grow and teach others that it’s not about the money, but the quality of life you live. This is happening to many people daily.

Money is the root of all evil.  It is how you use it that matters and what you buy.  So, do you want to buy material things or do you want to buy health; which to me is wealth.

So today as I write, I am thinking of others that are in the same situation, as I had struggled.  Remember one thing we are all equal and deserve the same things, but is our life not important so much that we cannot continue to choose the quality of life we want. This is happening to many people daily.

It always comes down to money, paper that gives us freedom to enjoy the modern toys.

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