Wednesday, May 17, 2017

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT This includes everyday products you use daily

It’s a new day, it’s important to start the day with products that do not have chemicals that create toxics to our bodies.  I am starting a series of You Tubes that will help you create your own products.  I will show how easy it is and what items are needed so one can make their own. You may notice that many of the items used can actually be eaten.  This is one way so as to maintain your health and also help in the prevention of illness.

This is a start in the right direction, we need to take control of our own wellness and help others with the knowledge to keeping healthy.  Through several hours of going through Facebook and seeing others going through chronic pain, I decided in order to help, there is a need to educate as best I can. From the beginning, it starts with what goes in and on the surface of our bodies.  Food is the main source of how our cells form and grow and it only takes 29 seconds for items to absorb in our bodies.

I am hoping that with showing others that they too can create their own products easily, more will take advantage of this blog.  Enjoy – make it a family affair.  Maybe if you make this a project with your children, this will make a healthier generation.


Lemon oil/ essential oils
Food grade hydrogen peroxide
Soap nuts
castile soap (I use Dr. Bronners)
Baking soda

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