Wednesday, April 18, 2018


As we plan our next adventure, Dan and I have experienced something that many do not. We have been living in Mexico for the past five years and have enjoyed the culture, people and the environment. We arrived not knowing what to expect, but not fearing the final curtain. We were treated for cancer WITHOUT surgery, chemo and radiation and Dan with his heart issues and coming out at the end with flying colors. Our healing process will always continue by our life style.

As some of you know Dan and I became grandparents this year. The journey of a new era has arisen and we feel that this is the perfect time to head on back to be closer to our daughter and her family. The decision on where to move was a hard one for I grew up in Florida and our daughter lives in New York. So, Dan did some research and Virginia was not that far from New York and we can take the Amtrak reasonably priced and an air fare to Florida also reasonably priced. The area that we are researching, the cost of living is not much more than what we are spending here in Mexico considering the cost of import fees that we are paying for our supplements to arrive here. Also, there is an organic market around the area that we are interested in.  

So, much has been happening this year and it just began. Looking forward to next year and the next steps to our new journey.

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