Saturday, October 1, 2011



As I glance through the pages of this year I would like to take a few moments to honor the people that have been stricken with cancer. Each and everyone of us has had some one close or has known of someone that has had cancer. Since I was a child I had experienced this disease personally within my family and always wondered why. I honor those people and because of what they had gone through I am sharing my knowledge of why and hope that we can take control in honor of them to change the outcome of many more dying.

I have been blessed by making a different choice; FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE and feel that the power of being has me to share this knowledge and treatments with you. Please If you know anyone that is going through any kind of treatment have them read this blog so they can gain some knowledge of hope.

Please share this time with me and honor today the people that had past or going through cancer and let them know that they are either missed or loved and we are grateful that they are in our lives .

I miss my dad, but now know that Through him I will spread this past year with all to give them hope that we can control cancer without suffering.


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