Saturday, December 10, 2011


Its those little things that matter! I always know that if you believed in something so strong, it just might come true. Like a fairytale my year started with this quest of faith and through it all the leap that I took ended with a dream that came true.

Some might say it was a miracle and others might say it was luck. I say it was the leap of faith that there was another way to beat cancer other then just surgery, chemo and radiation. I took the other turn in the road and tried another approach and learned that God gave us our bodies as a tool to succeed. We need to listen to our inner soul and explore what we have been given.

Through the love of my family and husband and the education and knowledge of my doctors, I was able to succeed. I am clean at this time of cancer by hard work and discipline.   By following guidelines of what God gave us, I learned to keep my immune system balanced and I educated myself with the help of my doctors that what we put into our bodies have a big part of what happens to us ~ Its that very direction that makes or breaks you.

This holiday season my gift to all is to never give up and take that leap of faith and know that it can be done if you believe.



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