Friday, November 2, 2012



On our last day in Mexico since all my treatments are finished we decided to go to the beach here to explore the waves and the seagulls.

We were able to meet up with some friends , Vera who discovered and founded the hyperthermia and her husband.

We spent the whole day with enjoyment of each others company. It is strange how ones journey intertwines with others and how they are there when you need them, Vera was there at the time that she needed someone to understand and guide Sherry through her treatments. Sherry calls her , her earth angel.

On the morning of the meeting with Dr Perez to go over my home program, Sherry and I took a stroll along the beach and the pier of Rosarito Beach. I understand from some of the locals that there have been some well known American movie stars that come there. It was just breath taking.

On to the facility one last time before we cross the border. We took a taxi , once we got there we were off to the doctors office and of course just like the states there was a wait. Dr. Perez explained my home program to me. One of the reasons why we chose this treatment is Dr. Perez designs a home program to your issues. The program was designed not only to take care of my prostate cancer, but also my heart issues. This program was modeled to me…. I will post in later days… This is where my journey will begin and the healing process of my body.

Breakfast time and then off to the border. We left the facility around 1:30 and ended waiting at the border for about two hours. Finally made it to the USA around 4:00. It is always a trip when crossing, you never no what to expect. This time it went smoothly!!!! We ended taking the greyhound bus to take us to a friends place in Long Beach. Enjoying a couple of day with them. A little RR time.

Until next time.


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