Tuesday, November 6, 2012



After leaving Mexico from a two week treatment across the border we decided to visit with some friends. It was a relaxing couple of days and we wish to thank Richey and Sandy for their support and hospitality.

They took us for a drive along the water and visited the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. It is amazing what is in the ocean that surrounds us. I took some pictures and made it in a movie for your enjoyment. Healing starts with relaxing and experiencing nature, which we started for Dan in California.

The scenery here is breathless, looking over the cliffs into the ocean. What a beautiful site to the mountains that surrounds us to the city lights.

Today we are saying goodbye and heading to see another friend that is long over due in Oregon and then home again to Florida. This is all about experiencing the surroundings that we overlook daily. When one undergoes an illness like cancer, your life tends to change. We kind of take our earth for granted and never explore the gift that was given to us. Dan and I are just taking the time to heal within by the free gifts of the land.

Until next time have an awesome day.



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