Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. As I wrote this piece and as others have followed my blog, you have been part of my everyday life. Since the diagnoses of my cancer I have poured out all that I could to share another way to treat this disease.

From my treatments to managing cancer and along the way I shared knowledge of keeping ones body healthy. Throughout my research I found out the secret is food. It is a very important part to the key to staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong.

If you have been following my seeds that I have been planting you are in for a treat to the next step of my journey of life ~ the move. Dan and I are now preparing to make one of the biggest steps in our relationship, we are going to move out of the country to Mexico. For over a year now we have been in a middle of bankruptcy and have packed all our personal belongings and placed them in storage. Once we get our discharge papers we are heading out to the next adventure.

In one of the trips Dan and I took to Mexico for treatment we stop along the way and took a detour to this artsy town not far from Guadalajara. This will be our paradise. We will be renting a one bedroom apartment ~ resort with a kitchen, bathroom, living and dining area plus a screen porch. This also includes power, water, cable, internet and laundry for $375.00 a month. Our lives will be a little less stressful and manageable.

In the next phase of this blog, you will continue seeing other ways to treat cancer and healthy choices to maintain a good body. It will also share my experiences in another country. I am excited about sharing this new me and the harvest that is going to be reaped. Please continue to follow the blog and see all the exciting new projects that I will be sharing. One that I am quite proud of is the book I wrote; My Journey Of Completion ~Body~Heart~And Soul; Enjoying Life While You Manage Cancer. The book is being edited as you are reading this entry. I have never written anything before but I felt this must be told. Our dear friend has a publishing company and will be helping us out; http://www.blindhowlingdog.com/ I invite you to check it out along with the amazing book that was written by Kevin Puskar; A Path Runs Through It.

Its’ time for me to shut the computer down and turn in, but before I go Dan and I are doing great and have continued to manage our cancer with the home programs we came home with. Its’ getting late and tomorrow is another day, So, judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. Have an awesome week.

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