Thursday, September 5, 2013




This week just zoomed right by me. I started out like every other Monday by going to the organic market. Dan and I then met our friends who are down here from Florida at one of the local cafes’, after a bite to eat and drink; Breta introduced us to a local artist and store owner. The store is called Hector’s Art and it is located at Av. Hidalgo # 95a Riberas del Pilar; Ajijic. He offered many high quality items for sale and were among the best I have seen in the area.

By the time Dan and I arrived home it was late afternoon and time for me to unload the food and prepare something for dinner. Even though the food I purchase is organic I still soak and wash them in a vegetable solution. The process is to soak the vegetables or fruit for about 10 minutes and then rinse using bottled water. There is nothing going to live on my vegetables or fruit!!!

Evening came and after dinner it was time to use the computer and as I was typing my eyes glanced out the window. The view was awesome; the sky had this pink top layer that just lightened up the sky. Dan had to take a picture for it was just unbelievable.

Tuesday was a day of rest and just staying around our apartment. After cleaning the house Dan and I ventured out for a walk along the property. I am very blessed to be able to experience the beauty all around me. Nature here surrounds me, it’s like the trees are saying this is where we belong. The mountains echo a since of peace and I do not know of any other place that we could of called home other then right here.

Wednesday we went into town once again. While walking the streets, sometimes I feel that I am living in the Wild West times. People ride horses in the streets and then if they want to go shopping, they tie the horses up outside. I had to take a picture my mind could not resist.

Thursday is our laundry day and we just hung around our place. We had plans to go with our Florida friends for dinner before they go back to the states. We met them down near the restaurant. The night was young and the celebration started and before long we wished them a safe trip home.

Friday we went to Chapala to see our butcher at the plaza in the middle of town. It’s unbelievable the amount we get for the cost and it is all grass fed beef.

Saturday another friend that we met here at Hotel Perico, came by and asked if we would like to go out to listen to some music. Well, we took him up on his offer and had a real good time listening to a live band that played songs from the 60’s, 70’s.

Until next time…Mexico is a safe place to live….

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