Friday, September 13, 2013



The word time means to me quality of life. We live in a fast paced world and never relax until suddenly we get a disease. We go to the doctor and he prescribes us a quick fix drug. The drug may be the band aid , but might not fix the problem this being similar to cancer. The individual is given the notice and the first thing the doctor recommends is surgery, chemo or radiation. These procedures are not solving the issue, its plainly covering up the problem. From the beginning we need to uncover the issues. Are you living in a good environment? Do you eat the healthier foods, such as organic and not GMO’s. Do you try to stay away from chemicals? Do you meditate and eliminate stress? Do you exercise and maintain a level of fitness? Do you know your family history (DNA)?

Once you figure how to change and live a healthy lifestyle the answer to these questions will provide the quality of life. This wise man taught me knowledge. He told me that cancer is complex, its not merely something that can be fixed. The individual person needs to find out the cause.

I am blessed to not only receive functional medicine, but to be given this knowledge of lifestyle to live a quality of life in Mexico. Living a stress free life, exercising, meditating, eating organic foods, staying away from chemicals, will help to change my DNA. Its been a challenge using these tools to manage the cancer , but a successful one. I am able to breath the air and start an organic garden and live in an environment to give me time while fixing the problem. Thanks to the wise man Dr Perez.

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