Friday, October 11, 2013



Art fills our world with emotions. The color and shapes form the vision in our minds of what we see. Two people may look at the same piece and get a different meaning from it.

This is why it's called art, it's your imagination that is creating your like or dislikes.

Being in Mexico I am seeing the beauty and talents of the culture within the land using creativity from even a simple item, such as a flower or a boat. These artists are everyday on the side of the roads or sidewalks making these pieces for one to enjoy. It’s amazing to be part of this fine artistic world.

In Ajijic there was this person that carved a tree and designed a canvas of a master art object. Look at the start of his creation to the final piece. I was blown away with the talent of people here.


Savor some of the work that is done by the local Mexican’s, with imagination and use of all the colors and shapes.



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