Friday, October 11, 2013



It’s been nearly a half a year since I moved to Mexico and never have we looked back at the decisions Dan and I made. It was the right choice for us! The atmosphere and way of life suits our healing process. There is less stress for we are able to meet our expenses and take our supplements. The other day I had my lab works done, checking my cancer markers and keeping up with my health. When I received them back from the laboratory, I e-mailed them to my doctor in Tijuana. He called and went over them and stated everything looks good. I feel blessed that I was being able to select the type of treatment other than conventional. It paid off!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it hurts me to see so many still suffering. The knowledge I gained the past three years makes me want to shout out to every one; stop and think how did this start. There is a reason and the first place to look is in our lifestyles. The foods we eat and the chemicals we use. We need to be more careful on how we guide our bodies. Let's take a moment and honor the ones that are struggling from this terrible disease and hope as a nation to realize that we have to stand together.

I've been real busy with editing my book. This is a challenge for I was not one for grammar. I wish to thank this program I am using for it has helped me become a better writer. I feel this story must be told, we need to hear that there's hope and it's not far from us. It is right around the corner open up your ears and listen to what is out there. We are a drop but together we are an ocean.

Until next time, enjoy the pictures.

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