Friday, February 28, 2014



I had another MRI; this makes four since I was DX with breast cancer almost four years ago. The results made me excited for there were no cancer findings. If you have been following me since the beginning then you will know how important this procedure is.

The program that I am following has made me a better person physically as well as spiritually for I have grown in knowledge and wisdom. Dr Perez has given me the well to go on and continue his work to share with all of you.

For over four years I have made my life public to show that there are other ways to fight and manage cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation. It’s all about the quality of life one wants. We all have choices and some of us do not know what is out there. Knowledge is power and I have given all my research to you through the blogs and web pages.

If you have not seen them I welcome you to visit the sites…

Dan and I have come a long way in the four years, moving to Mexico and managing our cancer. Both of us are clean of this disease and will continue to stay on our home program and follow Dr Perez’s guidelines.

Please continue to follow me and purchase my book that is coming out soon.

Have an awesome year 2014...

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