Wednesday, February 19, 2014



Last weekend Dan and I went to the chili cook off here in the Chapala area, just down the road from where we live. The cook off has been going strong every year for the past 36 years. This took place at our Tobolandia water park.

I was amazed with the number of venders that offered assorted goods and services. The talent goes for miles with the beauty of items surrounding us. Headlining the event were the Voladores de Papantla, coming from Veracruz to appear all three days for multiple performances of a daring native ritual that originated in ancient Mesoamerica. The costumed fly boys do a dance around a towering wooden pole before climbing up to its top; tying long ropes around their ankles and launching themselves head first towards the ground.


Dan and I were honored to be introduced to them, for they were staying at Hotel Perico during the three day event. I took a movie of one of the performance that we stayed to see. On the very top there was one that was playing an instrument before the others began to do the ritual.

We went on Sunday which was the salsa contest. It set Dan back 30 poses to test the different flavors and he even voted on the one he liked. There was plenty of entertainment the whole weekend there; unfortunately we were unable to be there all three days.

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