Wednesday, April 2, 2014



On April 2, last year we decided to pick up and leave the States for Mexico.

It’s been I and my husband’s journey to help regroup and get healthy without a lot of stress. We have changed our whole thinking and lifestyle to make life a better place for us.

What a year it has been, for we have experienced the Mexican Culture and enjoyed the way of life in Ajijic. I have been posting throughout this blog our new home and the surroundings of the experiences that Dan and I have had. It has been truly a blessing and a fabulous way to heal ourselves.

There are two things that stand out this year that I would like to share. First are the MRI’s that we had a couple of months ago which shown that we are cancer free and the other is I am getting closer for the publishing of my book which I wrote regarding the experience of having cancer and managing it without surgery, chemo nor radiation. These were my mile stones!!!

I have been so busy creating bed spreads and making food dishes to share with the community that I have not posted events that we have been to this past month. We went to the Mardi Gras parade and carnival. Attached are some pictures showing the parade that we saw along with other random sites that we have been attending.

I will keep writing and showing the sites around Mexico, this is to show others that it is safe here and how one can live in comfort without worry.

I have come across some wonderful families from the USA and Canada that are traveling with kids. They have been all over Europe and are now traveling all around Mexico. How exciting for the children not just learning about other cultures, but to experience it first hand. I wished I had done this with our daughter, there is so much to explore in our world that we need to just stop and an enjoy it.

Until next time, check out this web site of one family’s experience on the road.

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