Monday, April 14, 2014




As I sit to write this piece, I turn the page of another year of living in Mexico. One wonders how safe living in Mexico is…. well, I must say that I have enjoyed this adventure and would not trade it for anything.

The climate here in Ajijic is fantastic and the people have shown me how to enjoy life. It’s laid back and not fast paced. I feel like I turned the clock back to the 60’s.

Last week was the test of all tests. Dan, my husband was experiencing high blood pressure so we went to the doctor. Our family physician speaks English and practiced in the states before coming back to Mexico. He performed a simple test in the office and felt that Dan would need to have an Echocardiogram. This was scheduled on a Saturday at Hospital de la Santisima Trinidad. At this time I met a cardiologist, Dr Jose Pascual Salas Llamas who advised me that he had a blockage. The doctor was only around the age of 24 and started medical school when he was just 15 he is a brilliant human being and a very passionate person. He showed me the area to be concerned with as they were doing the procedure. I have experienced in the past Dan having tests done for his heart for he already had eight stents. During an office visit the doctor would just explain verbally the situation and state this will have to be done, but I have never had someone show me exact proof.

The next step was to schedule him in for surgery and take care of the blockage. This took place on a Tuesday at 10:00 p.m… I am not pretending that I was not scared, but the doctors made me feel safe. I was able to watch from a window and see the stents being placed near his heart. Both docs’ came out from time to time to explain what was being done… I was in awe for the personal treatment I was given. I am now convinced I can trust the physicians here in Mexico more then ever.



Dan is home now and everything will be fine with the help of the doctors controlling his blood pressure. From my experience with cancer, I learned that the only one that can make the healing work is YOU. What it boils down to is your attitude, your diet and exercise which has a great part in keeping your heart and the rest of the body intact.

To rap things up, how safe is Mexico? My experiences living here and using the medical services has been wonderful and I have no complaints.

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