Wednesday, October 1, 2014




October represents several occasions. The first that comes to my mind and anyone that had someone dear to them or has breast cancer, this is the month to honor them.  I will be busy this month spreading the word that there are choices of other methods to manage this disease.  Proof is in the mudding for I have learned first-hand with the treatments that I chose we can manage cancer without surgery, chemo or radiation.  The saying, “We individually are drops of water but as a whole we are the ocean”, so I am going to spend most of my time working on educating and giving knowledge out through my book and speaking out to the public for the cause. 


Yes, we do have choices.  I am so upset and heartfelt over this subject, for I have been effected and now that we can manage this disease not only through FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, but also through lifestyle.  It’s hard, but not as hard as having surgery, chemo or radiation.  We need to make a stand and fight for our lives.


So, let’s take a moment or two to honor all that have died of this illness. I have several family members that have died through surgery, chemo and radiation.  Enough is enough ~ stand up with  me and show my book to someone that needs help, that want’s not to go the conventional way.

We can manage this and live a happier life without side effects. 


For only $5.00 on Kindle or E-Book, this might save a life of someone that didn’t know of other ways to manage cancer.

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