Tuesday, December 2, 2014



Today is our last day of treatment of functional medicine. We were here all day for Dan had a bone scan which took four hours. They put this dye in which takes about three hours to go through his body, but while we were waiting on the café porch I sold two books. Yes, there were two patients that came over and shook my hand which made me feel important. I am so humble that I can help people by giving them encouragement.

Well, Dan is having the T-Cell modulator and then we will be out and just in time for our dinner date with Daniel and Monica. Since my treatment four years ago we have met some fabulous people and this visit we were able to get together with them and enjoy some quality time.

We have been back to facility four times with our first cancer treatment and one for a booster . Every time I feel safe and relaxed for I know that I am in good hands with Dr. Perez. He has helped me to continue his passion in the conquer of cancer and educated me on how to live a quality of life. Its all about your lifestyle. Every time I see him, he always says that he may of gave me the treatment and the education, but it is myself that did it by changing my lifestyle.

I have met several patients this visit and were able to talk with them and get their e-mails to keep in touch for I feel it is very important for them to have a positive experience .and keep up with the home program.

Well, it was time to leave and have dinner with Daniel and Monica . They had selected a Japanese restaurant, which was something that I was looking forward to. The unthinkable happened, before we were able to order, Dan looked at me and said he felt strange. Before you knew it he had passed out. Daniel and I shook him and after about a minute he came back, but got sick all over himself and the floor. Within minutes we had him in the backseat and off to the ER of Hospital. Because of his issues I was concerned. There are side effects, but only flu like symptoms , not passing out. To make a long story short, thank God for Daniel being there for me. Dan is alright the symptoms only lasted for about two hours. He is up and ready to go ~ normal. Never the less we did not eat dinner.

Christmas is coming even in Mexico, its all around. So please give thanks and enjoy the holidays. The girls that greets us at the facility are cheerful and full of spirit. I would like to thank them for making the stay a pleasant one…


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