Monday, December 8, 2014



Dan and I are back at home in Ajijic.  I have a lot to be humble for, met a lot of fabulous people throughout this past four years.  If I was not DX with cancer and didn’t choose to be treated in Mexico, I would not be where I am today.  Life is funny it takes you in different directions sometimes.  I would like to stop for a moment and thank, Dr. Perez, Vera Lopez and her husband, Dr. Garcia, Daniel and Monica, Todd and Sandra for your friendship and support.  Your friendship will always be treasured.

We are safe and sound, continuing our journey to manage our cancer.  Per the doctor there is no sign of cancer in either Dan or I.  Cheers to us, for we have been following doctor’s orders.  Dr. Perez is so pleased with my condition that he is changing my home program and will be giving me less supplements to take.


It seems like forever that I heard the word cancer for the first time, but through the years I have been educated to realize that it is something for me to control with my lifestyle.  I am so blessed that I did not have to be operated on and have chemo.  I wish the treatment program that I chose would be accepted in the USA and the FDA would allow the doctors to use it.  It is so easy to the human body, no long term side effects.


Looking forward to the Holidays and experiencing it here in Mexico.  I got my Christmas tree up and the lights sparkle at night.  Until the days ahead, have a fabulous December.

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