Monday, January 26, 2015


I wrote a book not only about the bad word CANCER, but something more dear to all; LIFE.  The book contains four years of research and knowledge, however; I wanted it to be about choice, inspiration and hope.


The reason this means so much is that I told my personal thoughts and feelings throughout four years of healing myself naturally with Functional Medicine.  My family was also part of this book and without them it would not be what it is. 


My daughter wrote a piece in it that expresses the feelings and thoughts of a child whose parent is diagnosed with an illness.  It’s real and part of LIFE.  I wanted my daughter to be part of this adventure for I wanted her to share this along with my husband Dan the rainbow that has the pot of gold at the end.  By doing this she drew and designed the cover of the book.  This is the first thing that someone looks at and I knew that her feelings would come out onto paper.  We are a unit and I could have not made it without her strength.  Check out her web site at other designs and work that shows her thoughts and love for art  I am so proud of my girl.


Another reason why the book is special, my husband and mother also write verses.  I wanted people to see that this disease affects not just the person, but the whole family.


Last but not least, I was able to express some of my thoughts into poems.  I wanted to be able to reach people by art through poetry.  I also added many you tube sites of my adventures visiting my daughter and friends along with my husband going through the same treatment program.


So this is not something that I just put together regarding CANCER, but also feelings and emotions of my LIFE managing cancer.  I placed my heart and soul in this project hoping everyone can get something out of it.

Enjoy life and remember Knowledge is power.


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