Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Last Sunday Dan and I decided to wake up early to go to the Open Circle here in Ajijic.  We have been planning this for a while, but something always seems to pop up and never have made it to the event.  This takes place every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  Every Sunday there is a topic regarding body, soul and mind.  I am thinking of doing a talk on my journey of completion there.

Well, this week it was a fabulous topic and everyone could learn by it.  ARE YOU IN PAIN?  To sum this up ~ pain tells you that something is wrong and you can heal it without drugs and knives.  It’s about pain release therapy, a new understanding of pain and paradigm shift in pain therapy. 
Most important is to know that pain occurs primarily as a warning and not as a result of damaged tissue.  Pain tells us to stop using the body in ways that are harmful.  It sees pain as a result of imbalanced musculo-skeletal structure resulting in tension, contraction, spasms, squeezed nerves and finally shortening of muscles.  The causes are mostly habits of wrong body posture (computers, too much sitting, inactivity), repetitive movements, over strain or old traumas with the result favoring one part of the body.  If there is no correction, then painful contractions and adhesion of muscles and connective tissue develop.

I invite you to go if you are ever in this area of Mexico.  Dan and I enjoyed being there and it was uplifting for its meditating and learning about oneself.

As we were leaving the event, down the road near the town square I ran across this dog that was dyed pink.  The first thing that I thought was, this would be great for breast cancer awareness month.  It made me think on how important my passion is to educate people on choices other than surgery, chemo or radiation.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!

We all need to stand together and during cancer awareness months show and honor the people that passed on with other ways of managing cancer.  The first step is life change. If you know anyone with cancer remember there is hope.  There are creative personalized programs which are customized for each patient, helping them to fight their cancer their way. Make an inquiry to see how we can help you find the right alternative cancer treatments for your situation.  Personal Counselor contact today at 727 399-7850 US or contact me at e-mail leftmoon@aol.com or check outwww.thejourneytogoodhealth.com.


Enjoy life and make the fullest of your day.

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