Saturday, March 21, 2015




Recently after two years of living in Mexico, I visited the states.  I am from Florida and lived there all my life until two years ago.  It was nice to visit with all my family and friends, but I know why I left now.  You do not know what is normal until you go back and experience what was.  Being in Mexico, Dan and I have been healing our bodies with less stress.


Going back, Dan wanted to drive, for here in Mexico we take a taxi everywhere.  Well, Dan’s stress level went way up and after two days of driving, he remembered why he did not want to drive any more.  It’s real fast pace and going back, it reminded us of why we left in the first place.  Everyone thinks that Mexico is dangerous, but it is not anywhere near the crime rate in the US.  I welcome anyone to come and experience it for themselves.  The area that Dan and I live in is Chapala area and there are many Americans and Canadians that live here.  I have been in this area for two years and have not spoken Spanish.  This is much like the Spanish people going to the U.S. and not speaking any English.  You see it works both ways.


It’s always great to come home to your own bed and surroundings.  Dan and I have made Hotel Perico our home for now.  It’s like a community of friendships that last a life time.  When we got back we were greeted by our neighbors here with open arms.  This is a great feeling to have from both worlds.


Going back to my home town, where there were many treasured memories gave me an opportunity to express to my family and friends how humble I am for their support and love.  There were so many highlights to the trip.  The number one was seeing Dan’s face light up when he saw our daughter’s wedding dress that she picked out.  This was priceless.  I was able to spend the three days she came down for, to join us with happy memories.  My daughter and her husband to be are on a shuffleboard team up north. In St. Pete., we went to watch them play at the first and original U.S. court. Other highlights were taking my mother out to dinner, her choice and celebrating her 80th birthday.  Another was when I had lunch with my Countryside Surgery Girls, Their support and friendship will last a life time.  The hugs and seeing them with the book I wrote that they purchased and brought for me to autograph was priceless.

I have to thank all my family and friends for all their love.

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