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Picture me sitting in front of you reading this information to you.  We are not rag dolls and too often we hear someone dying of cancer instead of hearing how we can prevent this disease from happening or at least cut it in half.  We live in a fast pace world and so many of us believe what we hear and also use what’s on the market because we do not think that our society will harm us.  Wait, I was one of these people and know based on experience how this works.


We need to educate ourselves on the main goal and that is to prevent cancer.  Knowledge if used is power ~ but because we all live in such a quick moving pace there never seems to be enough time to think or to research. I decided to write this for anyone that cares to do something about it.  My hope is that we all can spread the knowledge and live a healthier lifestyle. 


I know this first hand for I had cancer and decided to do something outside the rim of the conventional treatments.  I was told by a highly educated doctor that the first thing that we need to understand is that we can’t change our environment on our own, but we can start to change it in our homes.  So one way is to go all organic.  This just isn’t our foods but also, the products that we use every day. So many items are modified or have chemicals in them that change our body chemistry which can lead to getting cancer.  Another important fact is since we live in a world of hurry with the attempt to get things done like yesterday; our stress levels are high.  We need to meditate and relax so that our bodies do not continue to extract the chemical that can increase the likelihood of getting cancer.  To help in combatting stress so as to cut off this chemical, enjoy a form of exercise.  This could be fun, like take up dancing, walking, or even start playing in a group sport.  Yes, I am saying it.  It’s a known fact that prayer can also help your physical outcome of health.

Prevention is the key.  However; our DNA plays a great role in our behavior and attitude on how we live.  Through all the above findings one can change the DNA and you can stay healthier.


Now, if you or someone you know has cancer there are options out there.  This is the age of communication and it is a big world, look and see what other countries are doing to manage cancer other than cut, poison and burn.  I have studied options for over four years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Check out my option  for I have learned that managing cancer is a scientific approach and it’s your blueprint that needs to be changed. 


My goal is to make it FDA approved so insurance companies will pay for this type of treatment, because I believe that we should have options that can be done without breaking our bank account.  I hear from people all the time two responses to what I am writing.  First, I wish I can do what you did, but I do not have the money or if your option would be FDA approved the doctors and the outpatient cancer clinics will go out of business.  I have answers to these remarks.


First, cancer is a money making business, even if we have insurance it does not pay for all the treatments.  At some point it max’s out and you have to pay something out of your own pocket.  So you have to decide what is worth more, your life or the money you put into your treatment. 


Second, I feel that the new age will continue to advance and doctors and the medical industry will grow financially with this option.  Instead of all these chemo clinics, we can have stem cell banks, hyperthermia clinics, ozone clinics.  We need to understand that cancer cells will die with heat and oxygen.  With the new age we need to create new ideas and techniques to use to treat this disease with these two findings. 


I am not saying that people should not totally stop chemo treatments, if that is truly what they believe will cure them.  I am merely suggesting that we have more than one option on the table that our insurance companies will pay for.  For example, mine would pay for the hospital stay in the states for surgery and then after chemo and radiation, but would not cover the hospital stay in Mexico even though it was ten times cheaper.  I did not expect them to cover the non FDA approved treatments, but the hospital stay!!  The fact is that it was cheaper than having to go through the conventional way and the suffering.  It’s funny, but they paid after the fact the MRI’s, CT Scans and lab work that showed the cancer leaving my body.


Please stand up with me and change the thinking of our health industry and help me convince our politicians and physicians that there is a better way to fight cancer without side effects and have immune therapy a type of treatment available to all with the insurance paying even some of it.  We need to not be treated like rag dolls but as human beings.   Let’s share this so that others can start to educate themselves and begin to manage a healthier lifestyle.


Individually we are a drop, but together we are an ocean.   The ocean turns into the sea, which surrounds this big world.  So let’s begin today and talk about it among our friends.  Support this cause and stand up to a better option to destroy cancer.  Thanks



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