Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I did not know where to turn.  Would I be in the same percentile of deaths each year that die of cancer?  You have to wonder why so many do die of this horrible disease.

The key to taking care of this disease is knowledge, for over five years I have been educating myself and others on preventions and methods many have done that managed their cancer.  I have been friends on several cancer face book sites, conventional as well as natural.  What I have found out was that you can kick start your healing with a program that will begin to kill the cancer, but if you do not manage with a life style to keep your immune system whole ~ it is not going to work.


I chose a type of treatment that worked for me, for it was not only a treatment, but a lifestyle.  I use preventions which has managed my cancer from coming back.  I take supplements, I changed my eating habits (no process sugar and went gluten free) and I found cancer feeds on wheat and sugar. I eat organic foods, grass fed meat, wild fish, milk and cheese (almond, coconut, goat) and exercise by walking and yoga and practice meditation.


With these changes I have been able to say I have been cancer free for almost five years without surgery, chemo and radiation.  It’s a choice that with knowledge one can understand, that you do not have to go through a bad dream in order to control it.

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